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DIABZA – Herbal Supplement For Sugar

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  • Should be taken on a regular basis for greater efficacy
  • Ideal herbal supplement for pre-diabetic
  • Herbs contained in Diabza are known to have Anti-diabetic properties
  • Helps improve weakness due to diabetes
  • Helps improve digestive fire balance
  • Helps to lower blood sugar level
  • Enables to maximize insulin utilization 
  • Helps Improve liver and kidney functions
  • Helps improve glucose metabolism
  • Take 1 or 2 tablets twice a day regularly or as directed by the physician

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DIABZA is a polyherbal formulation made with 39 herbal extracts, it helps improves liver and kidney function thereby helping enhancing the entire metabolic system.   DIABZA has been carefully created with selected herbs asserted by Ayurvedic texts, in consultation with the best practitioners of Ayurveda.   DIABZA effectively acts as a sugar modulator when consumed for regular and longer periods of time. Its constituent herbs have proven efficacy in providing the body with natural nutrition so as to stimulate all the Sapta Dhatus energies to work well in tandem – to bring the Seven Dhatus to work in harmony and provide the body with holistic strength, energy and good health.    These herbs help not just the liver & kidney to function systematically, but also invigorate the complete body and mind system. We maintain that the best way to regulate and control sugar is to think right, speak right, eat right, live right and exercise right! If these are not possible, then there is DIABZA . Diabza herbal diabetes control

Benefits of Diabza Dosage of Diabza - ayurvedic medicine for diabeties

Anti Diabetic

Improve Weakness - Benefits of Diabza Dosage of Diabza ayurvedic medicine for diabeties

Improve Weakness

Lowers Blood Sugar Benefits of Diabza Dosage of Diabza ayurvedic medicine for diabeties

Lower Blood Sugar

Insulin Utilization - Benefits of Diabza Dosage of Diabza ayurvedic medicine for diabeties

Insulin Utilization

Ayurveda outlines that the body is made of the seven types of Dhatus or Sapta Dhatus : 

Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja and Sukhra. In English these are understood as , plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and reproductive fluid respectively.

Ras Dhatu gets its functionality from Jal (Water element). It is enabled by Vata to circulate essential nutrients absorbed from food, proteins and hormones. Agni(fire) is the primary element that drives Rakta Dhatu. The Pitta system gives Rakta its red colour. Rakta is the life-giving force responsible for transporting oxygen and other nutrients. Mamsa Dhatu is composed of both earth and water; and it is the essential tissue that covers the entire body. Medha Dhatu is also made of earth and water elements. All the body’s fat is processed and stored by Medha Dhatu. Asthi is the muscular and bone structure of the body – responsible for giving shape, structure and stability to the body. Properly absorbed nutritious food nourishes the Asthi Dhatu. The body’s strength also comes from the Asthi Dhatu. Majja Dhatu supports the nervous system. It helps in regulating and managing the metabolic function of the brain and the spinal cord. Shukra Dhatu is the life-giving Dhatu. It provides human body with life energy and vitality. Shukra Dhatu is responsible for the libido, healthy sexual life and overall wellness of a man. 

All these Seven Dhatus in a state of equilibrium create Ojas – overall energy, strength, a robust immunity system and all round health for an individual. Ayurvedic principles propound that the perfect balance of all Sapta Dhatus ensures overall well-being. Ayurveda sees the human system as a holistic and harmonious system, where both matter and energy work in tandem to create a healthy life.



Arjun Chhal Extract, Bud Chhal Extract, Gular Chhal Extract, Pipal Chhal Extract, Mango Leaf Extract, Jamun Seed Extract, Patol Extract, Gular Leaf Extract, Bel Leaf Extract, Pudina Extract, Giloy Extract, Haldi Extract, Amla Extract, Methi Extract, Desi Babool Gond, Gudmar Extract, Binola Seed, Bhui Amla Extract, Punarnava Extract, Amalki Rasayan, Triphala Extract, Akarkara, Ashwagandha Extract, Daruhaldi Extract, Patol (Parmal) Leaf Extract, Sada Bahar Leaf Extract, Dalchini Extract, Gorakhmundi Extract, Kundru Extract, Moringa Extract, Vijaysar Extract, Nimb Patra Extract, Tej Patra Extract, Manjistha Extract, Shareefa Patra Extract, Rishyagandha, Trikatu Extract, Saptarangi Extract, Chirata Extract



Ingredients Specialties

Arjun chaal extract

Arjun Chhal Extract

Arjun Chhal, used largely as a cardio-tonic, can also help regulate Blood Sugar levels. 

Gular chaal extract

Gular Chhal and Leaf Extract 

According to Ayurvedic texts Gular is known to have blood sugar lowering properties that are beneficial for diabetic patients.

Peepal chaal extract

Peepal Chhal Extract

According to Ayurvedic Text Peepal’s anti-diabetic properties aid in decreasing blood sugar levels. Peepal has antioxidant components that protect pancreatic cells from free radical damage and improve insulin production.

Mango leaf extract

Mango Leaf Extract

Mango leaves are high in vitamin C, pectin, and fibre, and they can help with insulin synthesis and glucose distribution. They can assist to keep blood sugar levels in check.

Jamun seed extract

Jamun Seed Extract

According to Ayurvedic Literature Jamun seeds contain the compounds jambosine and jamboline, which delay the release of sugar into the blood. Furthermore, Jamun seeds are known to aid in the synthesis of insulin, which might be beneficial to diabetics. Jamun is high in antioxidants, making it ideal for diabetics.

Bud chal extract

Banyan Tree Extract

The use of banyan tree extracts for the treatment of diabetes has been prevalent since the early times. The bioactive compounds present in banyan tree extracts have been used in several preparations to treat diabetes and other related chronic disorders.

Vijaysar extract

Vijaysar Extract

Vijaysar helps to manage this condition due to its Kapha balancing properties. It helps to improve digestion due to its Pachan (digestion) property and enhances Agni (digestive fire) due to its Ushna (hot) nature. Thus, maintaining overall health due to its Rasayan (rejuvenation) property.


Giloy extract

Giloy Extract

Giloy helps control high blood sugar level and various diabetic complications by improving digestion and absorption due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties which in turn prevents the formation of Ama.

Patol extract

Patol Extract

Extract prepared by the leaves of parwal brings down the blood glucose level (BGL) by over 32%. Patol patra also has antihyperglycemic activity; that is it helps in reducing blood sugar level. In fact, Charaka in Charaka Samhita writes about patol’s ability in curing pittaja prameha. Hence patol patra is beneficial for all those suffering from diabetes mellitus and related complications.

Sadabahar leafl extract

SadaBahar Leaf Extract

The excellent hypoglycemic property of Sadabahar plays a significant role in alleviating blood sugar. The production of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells becomes active in taking this flower extract. It helps to reduce the breakdown of starch into glucose which in turn leads to low blood glucose levels.

Moringa extract

Moringa Extract

Moringa leaves have Quercetin which is an antioxidant that helps to lower blood pressure and another antioxidant is Chlorogenic acid which stabilizes blood sugar levels. The Chlorogenic acid found in moringa may help the body process sugar better and affect insulin too.

Shareefa patra extract

Shareefa Patra Extract

Shareefa has stimulatory properties in pancreatic beta cells. As a result, they have more insulin. Consumption of Shareefa on a regular basis can boost glucose absorption in the muscles. As a result, glucose consumption in the peripheral tissues is improved. It can also help maintain blood sugar levels by slowing digestion and absorption of other carbohydrate items.

Saptarangi extract

Saptarangi Extract  

It is used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes and seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels.


1 or 2 tablets twice a day. Or as directed by the physician. Dosage of Diabza


Yoga Poses For Diabetes

Ardha Matsyendrasana - Yoga for diabetes

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Surya namaskar - Yoga for diabetes

Surya Namaskar

Bhujangasana - Yoga for diabetes


Halasana - Yoga for diabetes


Dhanurasana - Yoga for diabetes


Ustrasana - Yoga for diabetes




Yes, DIABZA is a polyherbal formulation that improves liver and kidney function thereby helping enhancing the entire metabolic system and reducing blood sugar levels.

Yes, it can be given to children but in very small doses.

Two tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Absolutely yes, It is safe for a patient with other chronic diseases and also doesn’t hinder other medication.

Yes, DIABZA is safe for pregnant ladies. However, it is suggested to consult your doctor.

Yes, DIABZA is 100% ayurvedic and natural made from herbal extracts and actives.

There is no special diet recommendation. For the best result, avoid fried, processed and diabetic-prone foods, exercise daily, maintain a healthy weight.

Unlike other diabetes medicines, DIABZA not only counters the cause of diabetic issues but also improves the kidney and liver functions thereby killing the source of the disease.

The recommended period is 3 months. But the duration may change as per the condition and stage of the diabetic patient.

It varies with individuals. However, results may be seen within one month of usage.

No side effects have been found so far.

Yes, Though it’s completely safe, it is recommended that you consult the physician.

No, there are no side effects that have been found till now.

No, in fact, it helps regain the health of malfunctioning organs.

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30 reviews for DIABZA – Herbal Supplement For Sugar

  1. Sanjeev verma

    Thank you teachersgrace b’coz for me Diabza has been a blessing 🙏🏻
    From almost 311 sugar levels my sugar level has come down to 152 in just 45days and that is remarkable .
    Thanks again 🤞

  2. sunil walimbe (verified owner)

    Diabza recommended for dibetics controlling

  3. Rahul Raj

    I have been using Teachers’ Grace Diabza for a long time and also recommend other people to use it.

  4. Rohan Yellamilli

    I have found it great for controlling blood sugar.It works so good ?. I had ordered Diabza a week ago.

  5. Rampavan

    Very good for sugar levels and will get best results

  6. Subramanya umar

    I have been using this Teachers’ Grace Diabza for a long my sugar levels are in control every time after using it and I recommend it for everyone

  7. Somkant

    Very effective and I feel better from the day I started using Diabza.

  8. Anshul kurmi

    Good product for controlling sugar levels. Worth buying.

  9. nanihoneym45

    I bought Diabza product for my mother-in-law who is suffering from high blood glucose for more than a decade now. After consuming this her blood glucose level is coming down.

  10. Naveen Royal

    It has natural ingredients which are very effective in diabetes.

  11. chetan

    I see the difference after taking Diabza. My fluctuating blood sugar levels are in control.

  12. Razak

    Shown excellent results in controlling blood sugar levels with a significant reduction in insulin dosage.

  13. Amit

    Recommended for people with high blood sugar!

  14. Vamsi

    I have been diabetic for the past 25 years. After taking Diabza for just six weeks, I have seen a reduction in my sugar level.

  15. Aryan

    It’s been two months now, using Diabza and I can see good improvements in my overall health with no side effects so far.

  16. Krishna Awate

    Mera blood sugar ka level ab control mai hai . Bahut acha result hai iska

  17. Aravind

    I thought to try Diabza for my uncle. After taking it for some time, he has observed very good changes in his diabetic health.

  18. Sahil

    Very good ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Highly recommend it.

  19. Rohit Reddy

    What an amazing product. Very very effective for diabetic patients and all must buy it.

  20. Ayush

    It’s a must-have for anyone with blood sugar issues.

  21. Ramu Pradhan

    Using Diabza for two months. I am now off insulin completely (after consulting the Doctor). Very nice product!

  22. Ritika sharma

    Have been looking for effective ayurvedic diabetes medicine. A friend of mine recommended Diabza. It did a miracle to my diabetic health.

  23. Kotesh

    I Bought Diabza for my mother. Along with lowering blood sugar, there was also a reduction in weight

  24. Anshul kurmi

    Diabza helped me improve insulin utilization. Also, my sugar levels are in control. The best Ayurvedic product for diabetes.

  25. Aruna sharma

    It works very well. Since it is Ayurvedic, it takes time but gives the best results.

  26. Rakesh

    I bought Diabza for my close relative. After using it for a month, his sugar level has reduced drastically.

  27. Faisal Shaikh

    I bought this product for my wife who has been diabetic for many years. I found this product very helpful for her glucose regulation.

  28. VAMSI

    This keeps my glucose in the blood under control. Wonderful product from Teachers’ Grace.

  29. Gopal Pramanik

    It’s a blessing for diabetics! Improved my glucose metabolism greatly.

  30. Shaili jain

    My blood sugar level is under control. Best results. Highly recommended.

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