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Varun Bark

Ayurvedic physicians have been using Varun or Varuna bark comprehensively for healing painful kidney stones and other kidney ailments. Vaidyas use Varun Chhal to help lower creatinine levels. It functions by enhancing urine output, which further helps to remove excess toxins especially creatinine from the body.


Punarnava is known to improve kidneys function. It is known to act as an excellent diuretic and can help with the filtration process. In traditional system of medicine it has breen used to flush out excessive fluids and toxins.

Rakt Chandan

Rakta Chandan is known to have regenerating effect on the kidney cells. It has been used in traditional medicine towards improving for kidney functioning. It also has  diuretic and anti-infectant properties.

Pipal Bark

Peepal tree ia a multi-purpose herb, practicall used for all types of conditions. It contains a good amount of glucose, vitamin k, and Mennos. Peepal tree bark has been put to effective use by the Ayurvedic doctors for improving kidney health.


Gokshura is known for its diuretic attributes. This property enables Gokshru towards reducing the risk of kidney stones. It also helps increase the urine output therby it helps the kidneys to flush out unwanted toxins. Ayurvedic Vaidyas have also used Gokshuru for its ability to excrete excess uric acid leading to  regulation of uric acid levels in the body. 

Bhutte k Baal

Corn Silk is known to help enhance kidney functioning. Ayurvedic Vaidyas have been using Corn Silk as an effective diuretic which also helps eliminate body waste. This attribute – to be able to eliminate body waste helps Corn Silk in reducing Creatinine levels. It is also used to relax the urinary muscle towards improving urine flow.

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