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Arjuna (Photo with content): Studies have shown Arjuna bark boiled in milk or water taken regularly helps manage cholesterol profiles. It is also used by Vaidyas to strengthen and tone the heart muscles and aids in the proper functioning of the heart. Arjuna is also known to have potent anti-hypertensive properties and aids in reducing high blood pressure. 


The Ayurveda knowledge system describes Kutki as an effective cardio-protective herb, it is used by the Vaidyas for treating a number of heart conditions. It is also known for its antioxidative properties, it provides systemic strength to the heart muscles, and excellent management of cholesterol leading to reduced risk of heart ailments. 


Pippali is known for its ability to strengthen heart muscles for the effective functioning of the heart. Advancing age and a stressed & passive lifestyle make heart muscles lethargic, and weak. In vivo studies have shown that Pipalli helps to lower blood pressure and with the vasodilatation of the arteries leading to proper blood supply.


Pushkarmool is known as an effective Cardio-protective herb. Various studies have shown that Pushkarmool helps in the proper flow of blood to the heart leading to improved deliveries of oxygen.


Shilajit is known to be beneficial for the heart primarily because of its ability to help regulate and manage cholesterol levels. Various in-vivo studies have shown positive effects of Shilajit on the lipid profile, as well as it helps in the management of diabetes.

Sudh Guggal

Guggul is known to regulate cholesterol levels, this aspect helps in reducing the risk of various heart conditions. It also helps to improve digestive metabolism by way of reducing toxins from the body.

1 or 2 tablets twice a day,  45mins after meal.

Continue up to 3 months for better results.

Or as directed by the physician.

Anyone above 18+ Age

Chakr Asana

Matsyendr Asana

Paschimottan Asana

Sarvang Asana

Shalabh Asana

Vajr Asana

Chitrakmool 30mg | Pipalimool 20mg | Trikatu 20mg | Triphala 10mg | Chopchini 10mg | Dalchinni 20mg | Musta 20mg | Chavya 10mg | Arjun 50mg | Shudh Guggul 50mg Shilajit 25mg | Tejpatra 20mg | Puskarmool 30mg | Kutki 10mg | Kakda Singhi 50mg | Methika 50mg | Dhaniya 20mg | Jeera 30mg | Haridra 10mg | Badi Elaichi 20mg | Jahar Mohra Pishti 20mg | Swarnmakshik 10mg | Akik Pishti 20mg | Prawal Pishti 10mg | Giloy Satwa 10mg | Punarnava 25mg

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