Brand Story

Thirty-two years back one of the co-founders had become confined to bed on account of a spinal and low back pain. At least 15 best orthopedics from India and USA were consulted. The only solution they gave were steroids and painkillers. There was virtually no respite.


Finally, at the point of no return, an accidental meeting with a Himalayan Master changed everything. The Himalayan Master was not only well versed with the laws of life, but he was also an expert of the science of Ayurveda and with an in-depth knowledge of herbs.  


Three days after receiving the treatment from the Himalayan Master, the co-founder was up and running. Master’s treatment brought about a 180-degree turnaround. From hopelessness to hopefulness.


Cosmic intelligence is an all-pervading energy which runs the universe. It creates events and circumstances that will have a bearing on our future. 


After getting cured by the Himalayan Master the co-founder started to spend time with him as an expression of gratitude. He took many people suffering from chronic diseases to the Himalayan master to help them get rid from these diseases.


Slowly and gradually the knowledge and concepts of Ayurveda were getting imprinted on the mind without any serious intent. With time Ayurveda became a way of life and rather it became a passion.


It is somewhere there the seeds of Teachers Grace Scientific Ayurveda were sown. After learning the detailed concepts of Ayurveda from the Himalayan Master, the co-founder started an informal foundation towards treating people free of cost  in 2004. He has treated  over 150,000 people suffering from various chronic ailments including Multiple Sclerosis, Heart blockages, asthma, Strokes, Paralysis, Hypertension, renal disorders, arthritis..the list is endless.


More than 95% of the patients got discernable relief and cure from the Ayurvedic treatment. This positive outcome further motivated him to take the knowledge to more patients to help them find both relief and cure.


Unfortunately, under British rule, Ayurveda as a therapy was discouraged and modern medicine was brought to the center stage. Post independence the most of the Government’s spend towards the health sector were also partial to modern medicine. An existent modern medicine infrastructure also helped the cause. Allopathic medicine commercially and education wise was definitely more organised and structured, the benefit of instant relief backed by evidence based medicine further cemented the cause. Since commerce and infrastructure was inclined to modern medicine, the best talent also started to gravitate towards modern medicine.


It was further compounded by; that authentic ayurveda was and continues to be hard to find, because the knowledge bearers are far and few and they don’t advertise about themselves. 


The vaidyas of the older generation didn’t share their knowledge with the younger generation, the entire body of knowledge disappeared with their exit from the world. 


New age educated Vaidyas also started to practice with Allopathic medicines, since the patient was also seeking immediate comfort. 


Our vision is very clear, we feel there is no need for Ayurveda to compete with Modern medicine. They are two different schools of thoughts. Both have their merit. We believe that for the benefit of mankind both should coexist. We should converge the best practices and knowledge base of the two for the larger benefit of the patients. 


Patients resort to Modern medicine, since it’s a tested therapy. Not that in the earlier times, Ayurveda medicines were not tested. They had worked and today also they work as effectively as 3000 years back. 


Teachers’ Grace envisions taking Ayurveda to masses, We are working towards getting our medicines clinically tested as per the emergent modern medicine ethics and processes. We are clear in our intent, we want to work in tandem with Modern medicine.


We are confident that if the two therapies were to work together, it will help patients to recover faster. 


Ayurveda formulations conceived while keeping the challenges of modern times in mind are going to immensely benefit mankind – delay & regulate degeneration as well as protecting them from side effects.


With this intent in mind we have plans to set up a research foundation and explore a way of working with modern medicine to take forward our vision of healing and serving mankind in a holistic fashion. 


What makes Us different

1. PURITY OF PURPOSE – the service and healing of humanity

From the beginning we were taught that knowledge is like a river, it is imperative that fresh learnings, ideas and thoughts are infused into it every moment. Lest knowledge becomes static like a pond. 


All our formulations are created with an assiduous process – a) learning and knowledge of herbs and other ingredients that we have received from our masters b) validate the herbs and their efficacy from the research papers c) Discuss the formulation in depth and in detail with the astute Vaidyas and academicians to ensure only the best products come out of our stable. To give mankind a healing touch. The first and foremost question we ask ourselves – that the first people to consume this formulation will be our children. And there is no one who doesn’t want to give the very best to their children. 


2. PURITY OF INGREDIENTS – the purest produce from nature

Are all mangoes the same? The answer is no. The story of ingredients is similar. 


It has got to do with the geography, climate of the place, nature of soil and how it is sourced. There are few herbs which grow in the wild, their efficacy is quite different from the ones that are commercially cultivated. 


For example the real active ingredients of Ashwagandha are in its roots. 


Chirayata – the best Chirayata comes from Nepal. 


A herb from which region, which height, which part of the tree, when to use it or process it, this entire body of knowledge comes from an assiduous learning process which has been nurtured over the years. It takes decades to understand these minute details, this knowledge and understanding helps the formulation to work effectively and better.

3. PURITY OF PROCESS – natural processes laid down by the Ayurvedic medical system

The first lesson our master taught us with regards to the science of Ayurveda – Dhire, Dhire, Dhire! (Slowly, Slowly, Slowly). 


Beautifully captured by Lao Tzu, the great Chinese Philosopher – “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” 


Our teachers taught us that all the herbs and natural ingredients coming from nature have taken their time; some grow in months, some in years and minerals used in ayurveda have taken centuries to become what they have become. 


Similarly when you are making Ayurveda products both medicines and personal care products, never rush into making them. 


What we have learnt is that – all great products need in-depth knowledge, excellent quality of ingredients and above all a great process to finally accomplish the ready product. 


You would agree that with the same ingredients what a good Chef can accomplish, as compared to an ordinary cook.That is what an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the process does towards creating efficacious products.


Our Endeavour 

If the science of Ayurveda is equal to all the oceans put together, in the last 32 years of our quest we have gathered at best a small bucket. One lifetime is not adequate to get all the knowledge. 


Every moment of the day, every hour of the day and all the days we are continuously seeking to deepen our knowledge of Ayurveda and herbs. To improve our knowledge and make better products we are enriching our knowledge continuously from the old classical literature, from research papers, practicing Vaidyas, academicians and indigenous people who have a long history of understanding the laws of nature, Ayurveda, and herbal sciences.


More than just seeking knowledge we are making a serious attempt – how we can make use of this knowledge to help mankind in their day to day needs with regards to quality efficacious medicines, great personal care products and food, that should become quality benchmarks.


This assemblage of knowledge that actually heals holistically, has given shape to the 3Ps of Teachers’ Grace :


PURITY OF PURPOSE – the service and healing of humanity

PURITY OF INGREDIENTS – the purest produce from nature

PURITY OF PROCESS – natural processes laid down by the Ayurvedic medical system


All Teachers’ Grace therapies have their genesis in the holistic knowledge and practices handed down by our teachers. Teachers’ Grace has evolved therapies appropriate to current day ailments, that have emerged out of contemporary living – taking into account, new developments in the study of human physiology and medicine.


Teachers’ Grace is deeply grateful for the blessings of the teachers who shared their life-giving knowledge along the way. We walk in their path to serve humankind.


The beauty about seeking knowledge – is that it obliges all the seekers,      without any discrimination. What it needs is a sincere seeker, that is all!