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Thirty-two years ago, one of the founders of Teachers’ Grace was confined to bed with spinal and lower back pain. 15 excellent orthopedics from India and USA were consulted and the only solution they offered were steroids and painkillers, which delivered almost no respite.

An accidental meeting with a Himalayan Master changed everything. The Himalayan Master was well-versed with the laws of life, and an expert of the science of Ayurveda. Just three days of treatment from the Himalayan Master effected a complete turnaround; and the afflicted
co-founder was up and about.

After being cured by the Himalayan Master, in gratitude, the co-founder began spending time with him. He took many people suffering from chronic ailments to the Himalayan Master who cured them too. Gradually the co-founder absorbed Ayurveda almost osmotically from him; and in time Ayurveda became a way of life and a passion.

It was then that the seeds of Teachers Grace Scientific Ayurveda were sown. After learning Ayurvedic concepts and practice from the Himalayan Master, the co-founder set up an informal foundation in 2004, that treated people free of cost. He treated over 150,000 people suffering from various chronic ailments such as multiple sclerosis, heart blockages, asthma, strokes, paralysis, hypertension, renal disorders and arthritis. Over 95% of these patients experienced discernable relief and cure with Ayurvedic treatment. This positive outcome motivated him to use this knowledge to benefit greater numbers of patients.

The Teachers’ Grace team found its working synergy during these formative years of the informal foundation. One worked to put Ayurvedic knowledge on the ground to heal; the other ensured that the stream of service never stopped through generous philanthropic support. As Teachers’ Grace moves towards a more formal organisation structure, the team works harmoniously to provide holistic healing for all. The two co-founders bring different strengths and skillsets to the endeavour. While one holds and works towards deep knowledge of Ayurveda and the other has immense experience of setting up enterprises from scratch. The other co-founder brings three decades of experience in marketing, sales and business operations, acquired through successful stints in large organisations in senior leadership roles. These skills of building up teams and processes are shaping Teachers’ Grace into a robust and successful enterprise.

During British rule, Ayurveda had fallen out of use as a mainstream therapy and modern medicine came to occupy centerstage. Allopathic medicine is commercially and educationally better structured and organised. The allure of instant relief backed by evidence-based medicine, tilts commerce and infrastructure towards modern medicine; and attracts the best talent. Government spends in the health sector are partial to modern medicine.

On the other hand, authentic Ayurveda was and continues to be hard to find. Genuine knowledge bearers are few and they seldom advertise themselves. Older generation vaidyas did not readily share their knowledge with the younger generation and most often, their entire body of knowledge vanished when they exited the world. New age educated vaidyas usually begin their practice with allopathic medicines, since patients mostly seek immediate relief.

The vision at TEACHERS’ GRACE SCIENTIFIC AYURVEDA is clear that there is no need for Ayurveda to compete with modern medicine. These are two different schools of thoughts,  each with its own merit. For the benefit of mankind, both need to coexist; and the best practices and knowledge bases of both need to converge.

Teachers’ Grace envisions taking Ayurveda to the masses. We work towards getting all our medications clinically tested in accordance with the processes of modern medicine.  There is clarity that Ayurvedic needs to work in tandem with modern medicine. We are confident that if the two therapies work together, patients will recover faster. Ayurvedic formulations conceived keeping the challenges of modern times in mind, can benefit mankind immensely, by delaying and regulating degeneration while ensuring safety from side effects.

With this intent TEACHERS’ GRACE SCIENTIFIC AYURVEDA plans to set up a research foundation to explore ways of working with modern medicine, to healing and serve mankind in a holistic manner.



All Teachers Grace formulations are created using authentic, assiduous processes.
a) Knowledge of herbs and other ingredients received from Ayurvedic masters

b) Validation of herbs and efficacy from legacy medical literature and modern research papers

c) Discussion with astute vaidyas and academicians to enable evolution of perfect formulations To ensure only the best products for the most efficacious healing touch. We are conscious that among the first people to consume our formulations will be our children. And who gives anything but the very best to their children?


Are all mangoes the same? Of course, not. And the story of Ayurvedic ingredients is the same. Every ingredient carries the stamp of its geography, climate, nature of soil and how it is sourced. The efficacy of wild herbs is usually quite different from commercially cultivated herbs.

Which herb from which region, which part of the tree or plant, when to harvest it or process it :  this entire body of knowledge comes from an assiduous learning process nurtured over the years. It takes decades to understand these minute details that help formulations to work more  effectively.  


The very first lesson every Ayurvedic master teaches, is to go very slow. Lao Tzu, the great Chinese philosopher declaimed : “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

All herbs and natural ingredients that come from nature, have taken their own time. Some have readied themselves over months, some over years. The minerals used in ayurveda have taken centuries to become what they have become. No Ayurvedic product, be it medicine or personal care product can be rushed. All excellent products need in-depth knowledge, superb quality ingredients and above all a great authentic processes to finally achieve creation.


If the science of Ayurveda were to be the equivalent to all the oceans put together, the knowledge gathered over our quest of the last 32 years, is at best a small bucket. A lifetime is not enough to assimilate Ayurveda.  

Every moment, every hour, every day, we continuously seek to deepen our knowledge of Ayurvedic processes, herbs and ingredients. Knowledge is continually enriched from old classical Ayurvedic literature, from modern research papers, practicing vaidyas, academicians and indigenous people who have a long history of understanding the laws of nature, Ayurveda, and herbal sciences.

However, more than just seeking knowledge, we make a serious attempt to use this knowledge to help mankind in its day to day needs through high quality, efficacious medicines, great personal care products and foods, that should become quality benchmarks.

All Teachers’ Grace therapies have their genesis in the holistic knowledge and practices handed down by Ayurvedic teachers. Teachers’ Grace has evolved therapies appropriate to current day ailments, that have emerged out of contemporary living – taking into account, new developments in the study of human physiology and medicine.

Teachers’ Grace is deeply grateful for the blessings of the teachers who shared their life-giving knowledge along the way. We walk in their path to serve humankind.

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