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Yes, DIABZA is a polyherbal formulation that improves liver and kidney function thereby helping enhancing the entire metabolic system and reducing blood sugar levels.

Yes, it can be given to children but in very small doses.

Two tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Absolutely yes, It is safe for a patient with other chronic diseases and also doesn’t hinder other medication.

Yes, DIABZA is safe for pregnant ladies. However, it is suggested to consult your doctor.

Yes, DIABZA is 100% ayurvedic and natural made from herbal extracts and actives.

There is no special diet recommendation. For the best result, avoid fried, processed and diabetic-prone foods, exercise daily, maintain a healthy weight.

Unlike other diabetes medicines, DIABZA not only counters the cause of diabetic issues but also improves the kidney and liver functions thereby killing the source of the disease.

The recommended period is 3 months. But the duration may change as per the condition and stage of the diabetic patient.

It varies with individuals. However, results may be seen within one month of usage.

No side effects have been found so far.

Yes, Though it’s completely safe, it is recommended that you consult the physician.

No, there are no side effects that have been found till now.

No, in fact, it helps regain the health of malfunctioning organs.

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