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Arjun Chhal Extract

Arjun Chhal, used largely as a cardio-tonic, can also help regulate Blood Sugar levels.

Gular Chhal and Leaf Extract

According to Ayurvedic texts Gular is known to have blood sugar lowering properties that are beneficial for diabetic patients.

Peepal Chhal Extract

According to Ayurvedic Text Peepal’s anti-diabetic properties aid in decreasing blood sugar levels. Peepal has antioxidant components that protect pancreatic cells from free radical damage and improve insulin production.

Mango Leaf Extract

Mango leaves are high in vitamin C, pectin, and fibre, and they can help with insulin synthesis and glucose distribution. They can assist to keep blood sugar levels in check.

Jamun Seed Extract

According to Ayurvedic Literature Jamun seeds contain the compounds jambosine and jamboline, which delay the release of sugar into the blood. Furthermore, Jamun seeds are known to aid in the synthesis of insulin, which might be beneficial to diabetics. Jamun is high in antioxidants, making it ideal for diabetics.

Bud chal extract

Banyan Tree Extract

The use of banyan tree extracts for the treatment of diabetes has been prevalent since the early times. The bioactive compounds present in banyan tree extracts have been used in several preparations to treat diabetes and other related chronic disorders.

Vijaysar extract

Vijaysar Extract

Vijaysar helps to manage this condition due to its Kapha balancing properties. It helps to improve digestion due to its Pachan (digestion) property and enhances Agni (digestive fire) due to its Ushna (hot) nature. Thus, maintaining overall health due to its Rasayan (rejuvenation) property.

Giloy Extract

Giloy helps control high blood sugar level and various diabetic complications by improving digestion and absorption due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties which in turn prevents the formation of Ama.

Patol extract

Patol Extract

Extract prepared by the leaves of parwal brings down the blood glucose level (BGL) by over 32%. Patol patra also has antihyperglycemic activity; that is it helps in reducing blood sugar level. In fact, Charaka in Charaka Samhita writes about patol’s ability in curing pittaja prameha. Hence patol patra is beneficial for all those suffering from diabetes mellitus and related complications.

SadaBahar Leaf Extract

The excellent hypoglycemic property of Sadabahar plays a significant role in alleviating blood sugar. The production of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells becomes active in taking this flower extract. It helps to reduce the breakdown of starch into glucose which in turn leads to low blood glucose levels.

Moringa Extract

Moringa leaves have Quercetin which is an antioxidant that helps to lower blood pressure and another antioxidant is Chlorogenic acid which stabilizes blood sugar levels. The Chlorogenic acid found in moringa may help the body process sugar better and affect insulin too.

Shareefa patra extract

Shareefa Patra Extract

Shareefa has stimulatory properties in pancreatic beta cells. As a result, they have more insulin. Consumption of Shareefa on a regular basis can boost glucose absorption in the muscles. As a result, glucose consumption in the peripheral tissues is improved. It can also help maintain blood sugar levels by slowing digestion and absorption of other carbohydrate items.

Saptarangi Extract

It is used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes and seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

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