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Saponin is the active ingredient contained in Reetha, it helps in two ways – it acts as a cleansing agent removing removes dirt & excess oil from the scalp and also helps to  strengthen the hair follicles. This property of Reetha can help reduce hair fall and breakage, promoting overall hair health.  


Hair loss may be reduced, and hair growth can be boosted by applying Amla to the hair. It’s high in antioxidants and works wonders for renewing hair follicles and making hair smoother and shinier. Because of all of these advantages, Amla is regarded as a powerful hair tonic.


Brahmi aids in the removal of excessive dryness due to its Snigdha (oily) and Ropan (healing) qualities,. By decreasing irritation and flakiness, it makes hair healthier and more nourished. It encourages hair development, decreases hair loss, and treats temporary baldness.


Hibiscus encourages the development of thicker, healthier hair that is less prone to breakage and damage. It’s high in flavonoids and amino acids, which improve blood flow to hair follicles, retransform dormant follicles and stimulate keratin production in cells. Due to their Sita (cold) nature, hibiscus leaves also prevent premature greying of hair.


Onion is known for preventing hair loss, accelerating hair growth, and treating baldness and bacterial infections. It is great for nourishing hair follicles, and hair follicles that have been properly nourished will regenerate healthy hair. It contains antibacterial properties that aid in the fight against scalp infections and sulphur, which is proven to reduce hair thinning and breaking.


Rosemary stimulates scalp circulation and encourages lengthy hair development, and it may help prevent hair loss and boost hair regeneration. It has the ability to prevent baldness and encourage new hair growth in balding regions. Rosemary is good for your hair in general.


Tulsi promotes blood circulation and keeps your scalp moisturized. It includes sufficient amounts of vitamin K, protein, and iron, all of which are necessary for healthy, lustrous hair. It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities that help relieve itching and dryness, strengthen hair follicles, and nourish the roots.

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