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CINNTA – Pain Relief Oil (100% Natural)

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  • Relieves Knee Pain, Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Sciatica pain,Sports Injury,Joint Pain,Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Neuralgic Pain
  • 100% Ayurveda, 100% Herbal, 100% Natural
  • Anti-inflammatory, Stimulates blood circulation, Relieves muscular pain, Enhanced mobility, Reduce stiffness, Alleviates joint discomfort

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Cinnta Pain Relief Oil For Knee Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica Pain, Arthritis+Diabetes Controller Tablets or Supplement
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knee pain relief review

Cinnta Pain Relief Oil – A formulation of herbs from ancient systems of medicine, to relieve joint and muscular pain and arthritis. Purely natural. Made from 27 Ayurvedic herbs including Divyagandha, Ashvagandha, Ramvallabh, Punarava & Sugandhitrifala. Using traditional ayurvedic processes. Cures while it relieves pain.

Cinnta has been clinically tested at Ayurveda Hospital, under the supervision of renowned Vaids.

Back Pain Relief Review


  • It is 100% Ayurvedic  for effective relief from arthritis, joint pain, back pain, stiffness, and discomfort, with its quick action efficacy.
  • The curative properties of herbs contained in Cinnta help joints in retaining strength by providing lubrication, which is lost due to degeneration of Synovial fluid and cartilage. It ensures improved mobility & flexibility of joints.



  • Reduces joint pain and arthritis discomfort.
  • Reduces the release of IFN-y.
  • Reduces the production of NO (Nitric acid), TNF-a, and IL-1B
  • Regulates pro-inflammatory response.
  • Regulates joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Relieves muscular pain.
  • Relieves inflammation and stiffness.
  • Increase secretion of IL-4 from lymphocytes.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.



  • Relieves Knee Pain, Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Sciatica pain, Sports Injury, Joint Pain, Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Neuralgic Pain
  • Anti-inflammatory, Stimulates blood circulation, Relieves muscular pain, Enhanced mobility, Reduce stiffness, Alleviates joint discomfort.


Ideally, warm the oil slightly. Massage gently onto the affected painful area.


Made from 27 Ayurvedic herbs using traditional methods. Phyto-chemicals in these 27 herbs encourage skin barrier homeostasis and help to reduce inflammation.


Trachyspermum Ammi 200mg | Curcuma Longa 150mg | Operculina Turpethum 400mg | Withaniasomnifera 200mg | Commiphora Wightii 250mg | Zingiberofficinale 100mg | Plumbago Zeylanica 100mg | Acrouscalamus 100mg | Cinnamomum Verum 100mg | Hemidesmusindicus 50mg | Boerhaviadiffusa 175mg | Vitexnegundo 100mg | Cinnamomumtamala 50mg | Datura metel Linn 100mg | Ricinus Communis 125mg | Solanum Xanthocarpum 100mg | Curcuma Zedoaria 200mg | Rock Salt 150mg | Convolvulus Pluricaulis 100mg | Sida Cordifolia 100mg | Nigella Sativa 100mg | Allium Sativum 500mg | Syzygium Aromaticum 500mg | Myristicafragrans 500mg | Cedrusdeodara 175mg | Cinnamomumcamphora 500mg | Sesamum Indicum 10ml

ingredients cinnta-min


How long should I apply Cinnta for better results?
You can apply Cinnta as long as you like/need. It all depends on the type of pain you have. In case of severe and chronic pain, apply 5 to 7 times a day. For mild to moderate, apply 3 times a day. 

Is Cinnta effective for all age groups?
Yes, Cinnta is effective for all age groups.

Can I take painkillers while using Cinnta?
Yes, you can take them. However, with diminishing pain, you can reduce the number of painkillers. 

How is Cinnta better from market variants?
Cinnta has been formulated with the help of old Ayurveda textbooks and the best Ayurveda physicians.

Are there any side effects?
None so far

Is it useful for sciatica pain?
Yes, Cinnta helps alleviate sciatica pain and all spinal back-related problems.

Is this oil easy to apply?

Can I heat this oil?
Yes, you can moderately heat this oil.

What is the right time to apply this?
Any time is a good time, preferably after having a bath. Make sure to keep the application area away from moisture after applying Cinnta.

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31 reviews for CINNTA – Pain Relief Oil (100% Natural)

  1. Somkant

    Mom is in her 60’s and often had knee pain and pain in her calf used to be so severe that she could not get up quickly after sitting…then she started applying and massaging with this oil twice a day…in 15 days she got relief and the pain has vanished.

  2. Divya

    Very effective massage oil…but u have to apply it regularly…my mom was suffering from knee pain, after applying it for two weeks she feels better…60% of the pain is gone.

  3. Chintan Sharma

    Applying 2 times a day and the results are quite amazing. Well, my mummy just started with this oil therapy along with two other supplements. Happy with this product.

  4. Rahul Yash Bardhan

    A must-buy for those who have elders at home with joint pains complaints. Get them relief by buying Cinnta oil. I will recommend this for sure.

  5. Raju sharma

    Bought this product for my parents. And my father had applied it on his back a couple of times. He has conveyed it is proving very beneficial to him. Same I heard from my mother too and she had pain in her knee. Applying the oil is relieving her from the pain slowly. Thank You.

  6. Kruti kamriya

    My mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and is always in pain. She seems to like this product for pain management and mobility. Will buy it again.

  7. Tanisha Khan

    I bought this oil for my mother because she has back pain. She used it for one month and got very much relief from the pain.

  8. Abhijit Karmakar

    My mom has suffered joint pain for six months. After reading reviews I ordered this oil and magically 2 days of use my mom got some relief from the pain.

  9. Rani

    I used it for relief from muscular and joint pain, & it is highly effective.

  10. Aruna sharma

    I ordered it for my mother because she was having knee pain for a few days. After using this for just one week she was appreciating the oil. It gave relief to her knees.

  11. Riya Patel

    I bought this for my dad and father in law both for leg joint pain. It’s absolutely working for the pain and they are happy with the product.

  12. Shivanshu Shukla

    My 71 years old dad has been using the oil for the past 2 years for knee pain. Not permanent relief from pain but yes he feels much better after applying it and can walk easily for 3 km in the morning and evening.

  13. Ayush jaiswal

    Had very bad leg and knee pain. Applied Cinnta oil alternate days and very effective!

  14. Jagan singh

    Happy with the purchase great for pain relief gets absorbed quickly and doesn’t burn.

  15. Chetan

    The product is good. My mother uses this for her knee pain and she has a bit of relief and likes the product after using a number of oils.

  16. Deepak dp

    Very good oil for knee pain, I ordered it for my mother, she found it good for her pain

  17. Anu Malik

    I like this product very much. As my mother has been using it for 2 years and feels no pain after application. Thanks for helping as an instant doctor.

  18. MUKESH Dewasi

    It is very good,l have purchased it for my mother in law. She is about 80 years old. She is suffering from rheumatic arteries, after using the Cinnta pain relief oil her knee pain reduced.

  19. Saurya Shukla

    The oil is light which I really liked. The fragrance is mild and pleasant. It’s not too warm, so it doesn’t burn or irritate the already hurting area. It’s a good oil for acute pain relief. If one can use it with other aspects like immobilization of the involved limb, hot and cold application, it works well.

  20. Shiva

    Nice pain relief oil. doesn’t have a strong smell. Which is very good because most of the pain relief oil has a kind of strong smell. definitely buying again

  21. Shubham

    The product is good and Contains ayurvedic herbs that are known to be beneficial in relieving joint pain, my mother has back pain she massaged this oil and it gave some relief. good for neck and shoulder pain too.

  22. Sachin Deshwal

    What an amazing product. My father is a sportsman and he often complains of knee pain. He has been using this for a week now and he is playing like a 16-year-old. Will recommend this to everybody for sure.

  23. Shally sindhany

    I purchased it for my 80-year-old mother as she suffered from leg pain, especially the joint areas. My mother reviewed the product with a positive note. Her pain has drastically reduced. She is now able to walk. I tried it for my mother and she is happy. You can try for Your mom or yourself too…

  24. Syoug

    It really helps in muscle pains, joint pains, also for massage purposes….my Grandma and mother really felt nice while using this oil, above all, it’s purely ayurvedic.

  25. Tabassum

    This product cured the very severe pain I had in my right hand. MUST BUY

  26. Shaista

    I am working for more than 12 hours sitting in a single place. So most of the time I get back pain issues. I once saw this oil on Amazon and was quite impressed with the reviews from others and its content. So I ordered it. It was good. Feels a bit relieved when applied.

  27. Kaushik (verified owner)

    Cinnta really helped one of my friends who literally rotated his knee completely while playing cricket.

  28. Akanksha Mani

    One day I woke up and suddenly got a strain in my neck. Tried different oil and pain relief gels but didn’t work. I suffered from pain for 2-3 days and was unable to perform important works. So, I was searching for a Ayurveda product for pain relief. I found CINNTA and got positive reviews. I ordered the product and got it delivered on time. It showed amazing result. And, I became a regular customer of this brand and I keep recommending it to other people.

  29. Gautami Bisht

    My mother has had knee pain for long time. After using Cinnta my mother feels much better now.

  30. Ashish Kumar (verified owner)

    My mother was suffering from neurological pain for the last 6 months. We tried many medical options like physio, tablets, oils, and other medicines prescribed by different doctors. The pain was not going away and was getting worse day by day. One of my friends recommended me CINNTA. She started using this oil and it showed the effect within 7 days. Finally, she got relief from pain.

  31. Rohan

    Provided relief from my back pain. Very effective pain relief oil.

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