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  • Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Pigmentation Cream

    100% Natural De-Pigmentation, Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enriching Cream

    • Discerningly brightens, helps revive dull skin, and effectively works on dark spots caused by aging, stress, pollution, and exposure to the sun 
    •  Evenly restores, de-pigments & rejuvenates the skin to give an even tonality 
    • Replenishes, enriches, and nourishes your skin naturally and deeply 
    • Helps skin become radiant, beautiful, & seamless 
    • Helps skin get a glowing, smooth, supple, and youthful look 
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  • 100% Natural Extra Hydrating & Moisturizing Serum

    100% Natural Extra Hydrating & Moisturising Serum

    • 5 super advantages – hydration, rejuvenation, nourishment, revitalisation and protection 
    • Aqueous and non-greasy
    • Radiance and natural glow 
    • Moisturise and smoothes skin 
    • Minimises lines and wrinkles
    • Refreshes facial skin 
    • Created to suit all skin types 
    • Suitable for age 25+ 
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  • 100% Natural Goat Milk Soap

    100% Natural Goat Milk & Amazonian Gold Clay Soap

    • Hydrates and nourishes the skin naturally 
    • Detoxifies skin, removes oiliness and dead skin cells to promote healthy-looking skin 
    • Enables gentle removal of dirt without removing the skin’s natural fatty acids
    • Maintains pH balance of the skin.
    • Cleanses gently yet deeply 
    • Keeps skin soft and moisturised 
    • Helps prevent premature aging 
    • Helps keep skin acne-free 
    • Helps relieve irritation and inflammation 
    • Sulphate-free, Paraben-free, No artificial fragrance – purely natural, No harmful chemicals, No artificial color
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  • Onion Hair Oil For Hair Regrowth and Hairfall Control

    100% Natural Onion Hair Oil that Helps Control Hair Fall – 250ml

    • Promotes hair growth 
    • Inhibits premature greying
    • Delays hair thinning & breakage
    • Helps maintain the ph level of the scalp
    • Fights bacterial infections
    • Works as a natural conditioner
    • Improves hair texture
    • Nourishes hair follicle
    • Helps improve the blood circulation of the scalp
    • Inhibits dandruff and repairs damaged hair
    • Adds lustre and shine to the hair
    • Active Root Energiser
    • Hair Revitalizer
    • Contains Vitamin-E, B1, B2, B12, & D, Biotin, Iron, Potassium, Lauric Acid, Folic Acid, Amino Acid, Magnesium, Protein, Flavonoids
    • Repairs damaged hair
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  • Onion Shamoo For Hairfall Control

    100% Natural Onion Hair Shampoo that Helps Control Hair Fall – 250ml

    1. 100% Natural Ayurvedic ingredients: Natural oils, proteins and herbal extracts that hydrate hair follicles and roots
    2. Reduces the chances of hairfall; loose, dry and damaged hair
    3. Essential oils strengthen hair follicles and provide nourishment to hair roots and follicles 
    4. Promotes hair growth and stimulates formation of new and healthy roots 
    5. Helps maintain a perfect balance of oil and pH levels for beautiful, healthy and strong hair. 
    6. Herbal extracts in TEACHERS’ GRACE ONION+5 SHAMPOO have antiseptic properties to help prevent skin infections
    7. Carefully thought-out blend of herbs and oils make it suitable for every scalp skin type
    8. TEACHERS’ GRACE ONION+5 SHAMPOO makes hair lustrous, shiny and bouncy
    9. Specially formulated to protect coloured hair
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  • Sale!

    Ayurvedic Gift Box (100% Natural Products)

    • 100% Natural, 100% Ayurvedic, & 100% Herbal Products
    • Suitable for all types of skin and hair
    • Set of 3 Products
    • Available on our website only
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  • BLICA Helps in Kidney Function – Pack of 2


    BLICA An ayurvedic formulation that helps reduce creatinine levels, Anasarca, improves kidney functioning, repairs renal cell injury & boosts immunity

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  • Cinnta Pain Relief Roll-On For Knee Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis

    CINNTA – Pain Relief Oil – Roll-On

    • Relieves Knee Pain, Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Sciatica pain, Sports Injury, Joint Pain, Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Neuralgic Pain
    • 100% Ayurveda, 100% Herbal, 100% Natural
    • Anti-inflammatory, Stimulates blood circulation, Relieves muscular pain, Enhanced mobility, Reduces stiffness, Alleviates joint discomfort
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  • Sale! Cinnta pain relief oil, set of 2

    CINNTA Pain Relief Oil – Pack of 2

    • Helps to get relief in Knee Pain, Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Sciatica pain, Sports Injury, Joint Pain, Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Neuralgic Pain
    • Fortified with 27 Herbs, to help alleviate joint & muscular pains
    • 100% Ayurveda, 100% Herbal, 100% Natural
    • Anti-inflammatory, Helps stimulate blood circulation, helps relieve muscular pain, helps with Enhanced mobility, Reduces stiffness, Alleviates joint discomfort
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  • DAZVA For Healthy Cholesterol & Heart – Pack of 2


    DAZVA A special formulation of organic herbs to help lower cholesterol and keep the heart healthy

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  • Diabetes Controller Tablets or Supplement

    DIABZA – 100% Herbal Diabetes Supplement

    • Should be taken on a regular basis for greater efficacy
    • Ideal herbal supplement for pre-diabetic
    • Herbs contained in Diabza are known to have Anti-diabetic properties
    • Helps improve weakness due to diabetes
    • Helps improve digestive fire balance
    • Helps to lower blood sugar level
    • Enables to maximize insulin utilization 
    • Helps Improve liver and kidney functions
    • Helps improve glucose metabolism
    • Take 1 or 2 tablets twice a day regularly or as directed by the physician
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  • FYTUM Mens' Sexual Wellness Tablets

    FYTUM Men’s Wellness 40 Tablets With Gold And Kesar

    • FYTUM is a non-hormonal, natural Ayurvedic supplement for men’s wellness
    • FYTUM is fortified with Vasant Kusumakar Ras, Saffron, Akarkara, Rumi Mastangi, Panja Musli, and 29 other special ingredients
    • FYTUM helps manage the strength and stamina
    • FYTUM may also help improve the loss of libido
    • FYTUM helps increase potency in men
    • FYTUM helps increase stamina, vitality, and vigor
    • FYTUM helps to overcome stress fatigue, anxiety
    • FYTUM is not a magic pill like harmful modern medicines. It works when taken regularly.
    • Exercise regularly – Improved health leads to improved performance
    • Take 1 tablet twice a day regularly preferably with Cow’s Milk or as directed by the physician
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