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A Good Pain Relief Oil Must Be an Essential Part of Your Travel First Aid Kit – Tina Mittal

A few months ago, I was traveling to Mumbai to attend a trade exhibition. It was a very important event, to be attended by the senior management team in our company and also all our important clients were visiting from different parts of the world.

I was looking forward to the event, took a morning flight, and reported on the venue by 10 am. Usually comfortable in flat footwear, I chose a very comfortable flat pair of sandals so that I could stand and walk around all day.

About 2 hours into the exhibition, a colleague and myself decided to take a short stroll to see a few other stalls. Busy in the conversation, I accidentally stepped on an uneven surface and sprained my right ankle.

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The sprain was not a light one, within seconds I was in excruciating pain. I could not put my foot straight on the ground, walking was out of the question. I was quickly put into a car and taken to my friend’s house since it was not possible to live alone in the hotel.

Friends and colleagues started trying their best to make me comfortable, we tried all kinds of gels and sprays but I got absolutely no relief.

I had to just lie in bed, and pop painkillers, and wait till my flight the next day. I thought of preponing my flight to meet my doctor back in Delhi and not consult a doctor in Mumbai.

Since standing and walking was out of the question, I had to put on a wheelchair to board the flight with Painkillers and a limping foot, I managed to reach home the next night around ten pm.

As soon as I reached home, I soaked my foot in warm water mixed in Sendha salt (Rock salt) for twenty minutes.

Then I dried my foot and applied Cinnta pain relief oil and wore a crepe bandage.

feeling better, I went off to sleep. Much to my amazement, I woke up to much relieving pain, no swelling, and could walk without any discomfort. though it sounds like a miracle, it is true and was unbelievable for me as well.

Henceforth, Cinnta has always been a part of my travel kit. The 27 herbs processed in sesame oil worked wonders compared to the gels and sprays; providing me chemical-free relief instantly.

Make Sure you have a Cinnta in your bag always !!

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