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10 Ultimate Tips Ayurveda Suggests that Fight body heat in summers

10 Ultimate Tips Ayurveda Suggests That Fight Body Heat In Summers

The mid-year season brings the harmful impacts of the rising mercury on the human body. Ayurveda indicates that it is ‘pitta’ or the body heat that permits body metabolism to work normally. Whenever ‘pitta dosh’ happens, the body heat turns out to be extremely high. This expansion in body heat is abrupt and bothersome and brings about the disturbance of normal metabolism and substance unevenness in the body. The climbing temperature adds to an ascent in the body temperature, making numerous medical issues. Whenever the body heat builds, one might encounter side effects like skin inflammation, heartburn, skin rashes, and diarrhea; in this way, it is frequently prescribed to decrease body heat with Ayurveda.

The study of Ayurveda makes carrying on with a solid life just such a ton more straightforward. As seasons change, Ayurveda sets down the best seasonal daily schedule or Ritucharya to continue as far as diet, lifestyle changes, detoxes, and practices for your body and mind to adjust most naturally to the progressions achieved via seasonal advances. For instance, soil products that uphold your dosha balance in the winters may not be great for you mid-year, or spices that recuperate the excessive summer heat in your body may not fill in nature during different seasons. Ayurveda offers the ideal manual for carrying on with life in the beat of nature, and when that’s what you do, you live soundly and live longer.

Signs your pitta is irritated

A few indications of the abundance of pitta dosha can be bothersome eyes, acidity, skin rashes and drying, digestive issues, irritations, fever, ulcers, liver issues, anger, desire, and disdain, and sometimes even sleep problems. To deal with skin issues you can also use our 100% Natural Goat Milk & Amazonian Gold Clay Soap.

Let us take a look at the most natural Ayurveda tips that will help you cool yourself and fight excessive body heat in summers:

1. Eat less

Come summer, the heat in the environment can drain our imperative energy and influence our digestive limits. So Ayurveda specialists suggest eating more modest parts during summer, close to half of what you would eat some other season.

2. Avoid too hot & spicy foods 

hot spicy food

Avoid hot food varieties that can make your normal body temperature go up. All things considered, a diet wealthy in food sources, such as cucumber and steamed green vegetables, essentially reduces body heat. Buttermilk and muskmelon are additionally known to lessen body heat

3. Drink Herbal teas

Organic teas produced using coriander, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and rosewater further develop metabolism and assist with bringing down body temperature. Both chamomile and peppermint tea alleviate the body. You can also consume hibiscus tea, which works excellently on reducing pitta dosha or body heat and keep your digestive system extremely cool.

4. Avoid refined sugar 

avoid refined sugar

Avoid consuming direct sugar. Instead, go for multiple alternatives around you.

You can have foods like coconut, clarified butter, dry fruits, lentils and whole grains, mung beans, and soybeans. Bitter and astringent foods are also considered but avoid pungent, sour, or salty foods. So sour cream, cheese, yoghurt, tomato, red meat, or red wine should be avoided. Have foods that are light, cooling, and slightly unctuous. Avoid foods that are spicy, hot and dry.

5. Bring yogurt to your daily diet 

Consume at least half a bowl of blended yogurt with water after you take meals, and this naturally cooling agent will automatically bring down your body heat.

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6. Consume milk with miraculous ingredients 

Consume milk with a pinch of turmeric powder and almond powder. This combination is suggested by Ayurveda as it is a fantastic natural remedy to reduce body heat. However, make sure you eat less salt, oil, and other spices that collectively add to body heat. Likewise, processed and fast food items enhance body heat, so eating only homemade food in the summer is advisable.

7. Practice yoga for a healthy body 


You must ease off of yourself during summer, so your body can preserve energy. Henceforth, rather than endeavoring excessively, attempt light yogasanas and certain cooling pranayamas or breathing exercises like sheetali pranayama or nadishodhana or substitute nostril breathing. Likewise, you can go on nature strolls or moon looking throughout the late spring.

8. Amla, Giloy, and Yashtimadhu-The Ayurvedic triplet to oversee pitta dosha

To oversee pitta dosha, oversee excessive body heat, keep your immunity up, energy high and cool down the system; an ideal triplet of herbal formulations is Giloy, amla, and Yashtimadhu (licorice).

9. Remain hydrated

It is likewise important to hydrate during summer since the pitta disturbance can be very drying for the body.

10. Abhyanga or self-knead is an absolute requirement


In summer, you can incorporate a day-to-day rub with cooling medicinal balms like sunflower, Bhringraj, coconut, or almond oil. Day to day kneads assist with working on the development of lymph in the body and, as such, diminishes the aggregation of ama poisons, advances prosperity, relaxes solid muscles, work on the nature of hair, decrease hair fall, battles untimely turning grey, and helps quiet the sensory system.


So with some assistance of Ayurveda, you can cruise through high pitta long stretches of June, July, and August if you eat short of what you would other seasons; remain adequately hydrated and saturated; have cooling and pitta soaking food sources, spices, and flavours like mint, chamomile, hibiscus, turmeric, yashtimadhu; and relax in summer.

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