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hives itching

Natural Remedies To Stop Hives Itching Instantly

What are Hives? What do you feel when you have hives? 

Urticaria in Ayurveda can be connected as “Sheetapitta”. Sheeta-pitta contains two words in which Sheeta implies cold and pitta implies hot. Accordingly, it is caused because of more control of ‘cold’ over ‘hot’.

Urticaria is otherwise called Hives or Nettle rash. It is majorly caused by a hypersensitive or allergic response. Hives show up on the body as red, raised and irritated skin rash. The wheals of urticaria might be of various shapes and sizes yet normally seem to be nettle stings. A significant element of urticaria is that albeit the rash might persevere for quite a long time, individual sores normally vanish in a day and frequently last just mere hours.

In certain patients with customary persistent urticaria, the arrival of the receptor from skin pole cells is set off by factors flowing in the blood, for example, antibodies coordinated against their cells – an interaction known as autoimmunity.


Common symptoms of Hives, Sheetapitta or Urticaria 

symptoms of hives itching

Rashes happen on the face, arms, trunk, and legs in urticaria. Cerebral pain, red rashes, itching, and swelling of the eyes are also symptoms of the condition of the hives. This condition brings about the torment around the areas like eyes, cheeks, lips, hands, private parts, and feet that might happen in the instances of urticaria. If you feel one of these side effects, you can go for ayurvedic treatment for the urticaria skin rash issue.


Some of the common causes of Urticaria are given beneath:

• Abundance consumption of pungent and impactful food

• Eating a lot of spicy food. 

• Unnecessary consumption of mustard

• Excessive exposure to cold weather or substances

• Contact with cold substances

• Day rest

• Inappropriate emesis

• Adjusted highlights in blustery and winter season

• Bug nibble

• Contact with toxic bugs/bugs


Don’t worry if you have hives or urticaria condition. Ayurveda has a solution to every problem as it offers amazing remedies that initiate a natural healing process of the body. Read on to know what you can do immediately as home remedies to stop hives itching: 


Wonderful home remedies to stop hives itching instantly: 


neem ayurveda herb

Paste of Neem leaves/Guduchi leaves or aloe vera mash can be consumed daily in 5 to 7 gm portions to diminish urticaria. Neem leaves powder can be applied to affected areas to get immediate relief. The newly extracted juice of this spice can be consumed as a strong and natural solution to treating skin allergies from the inside and gives huge healing.


Turmeric or Haridra 

Profoundly beneficial for skin allergies, turmeric is an amazing home cure assuming you are tracking down an instant solution for hives (urticaria). The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric cleanse blood, skin and liver. Consumption of turmeric in the type of powder, turmeric tea, or external turmeric application gives awesome outcomes.


Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is devised worldwide to treat dry to itchy skin. Its benefits are utilized in treating hives issues as well. When coconut oil is applied to the affected areas, it reduces the skin inflammation and itching coming along with it immediately. Use this remedy two to three times a day. 


Mint Leaves 

mint leaves

Who doesn’t love Pudina in salads, teas and juices? This amazing herb finds its place in treating pitta dosh, due to which an individual faces the condition of urticaria. When itching takes a toll all over the body, mint leaves do their wonders with amazing cooling properties. You can take fresh 7-8 gms of mint leaves and boil them in nearly 150 ml of water for about 15 minutes. Once this is done, drink this water, and you will experience immediate results. 


Carom Seeds 

Carom seeds, popularly known as ajwain, are found in every kitchen and effectively provide immediate relief to the itching of hives. You need to take about a half teaspoon of ajwain and jaggery with water and consume it thrice a day for the best outcomes. 


Sandalwood Paste 

This ingredient is not just used as a beauty ingredient but is also known as an excellent treatment for skin allergies. For any skin condition, especially urticaria, you can apply sandalwood paste all over the affected areas and visualize the results when you have an urgent need to scratch. 

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Tips to Avoid Urticaria

• limit salt admission, avoid harsh food like yoghurt, and curd, and rather have severe tasting food like an unpleasant gourd.

• Quick for one day or have exceptionally light food sources like boiled rice, vegetable soup, etc.

• Avoid stifling the inclination to vomit.

• Stress represents demolishing this medical issue. You should rehearse strategies that loosen up your psyche and soul, like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing. These are powerful in pressure help.

• Have newly arranged, effectively edible food sources.

• Eat cooked split gram, severe gourd vegetables, and pomegranate.

• Utilize honey as opposed to sugar.

• onion and garlic are viewed as great in this condition.

• Keep a food journal so the connection between a food type and the presence of side effects can be noted.

• Avoid all desserts, including sugar, jaggery, and alcohol.


The bottom line: 

Take utmost precautions when you know that you have a persistent Urticaria condition. However, in case of a sudden hives attack, you can always look up to the most natural home cures we have brought, just for your knowledge. Do your healing with your own hands: Trust Ayurveda, the science of natural healing. 

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