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Benefits of Matsyendrasana

Wonderful Benefits of Matsyendrasana

Yoga can be whatever you want. It is a vigorous exercise that strengthens your core like no other. It can, however, be restorative, relaxing, and calming to the mind and body, assisting you in falling asleep.

The name “ArdhaMatsyendrasana” is derived from Sanskrit and means “Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.” ArdhaMatsyendrasana Yoga is a seated twist asana used to improve body posture and the digestive system.

This asana is named after Matsyendranatha, Gorakshantha’s guru, who is widely regarded as the founder of the Hatha Yoga tradition. Though yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, the Hatha Yoga tradition appears to have gained more traction after the sage Matsyendranatha. One of the most important twistings poses for maintaining a healthy spinal column is ArdhaMatsyendrasana. Hatha yoga texts describe this pose as a weapon against a group of chronic diseases. This asana gives the spine an excellent twist.

What are the steps to Ardha Matsyendrasana?

Benefits of Matsyendrasana

The ArdhaMatsyendrasana steps are straightforward and straightforward. This yoga, when done correctly, can transform your body. It is necessary to warm up for a few minutes before beginning the Ardhamatsyendrasana. After that, proceed to the steps below:

Position to Begin: –

  1. Maintain an erect posture by sitting with both legs stretched out in front of you and your hands on the respective knees or sides of the floor.


For a right-side twist, try

  1. Fold your right leg inwards and press your heel against the perineum, keeping your knee from rising.
  2. Cross your right leg across your left thigh, bending at the knee, and place your right foot near the outside of the left thigh, bringing your right knee close to your chest.
  3. Bring your left leg inwards at the knee to bring your foot close to your right hip.
  4. Laterally twist your torso on the right side, and place your left hand on your right ankle/toe, grasping the foot wherever it is most comfortable so that your right knee is under your left armpit. Inhale.
  5. As you exhale, twist your spine even more and place your right hand across your back, palm facing outwards.
  6. Turn your head and neck towards your right shoulder at the same time.
  7. Hold your breath for six seconds while maintaining your posture.

Release of Posture: –

  1. Untwist your torso, straighten your head and neck, return your hands to the starting position, straighten your legs, and prepare for practice on the opposite side while inhaling.

For a left-side twist, try,

Change sides and repeat the steps previously mentioned.

Note: This asana can be done both as a dynamic version as mentioned above, or you can remain static in the position for a minute or two, alternating on each side, breathing normally.

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Ardha Matsyendrasana’s Benefits: –

  1. The twisting of the entire spine strengthens the spinal column by alternating contraction and relaxation. This was once used to revitalize the spinal nerves and muscles. The spinal regions are squeezed to remove sluggish and stagnant blood. The intervertebral discs are fed. This pose is beneficial for channelizing pranic energy through the spine. Backache, neck ache and general body stiffness are all treated with it therapeutically.
  2. This asana improves lung capacity when practiced regularly. It aids in the removal of any tendency towards round shoulders, drooping, or hunching as a result of shoulder movements.
  3. It is beneficial to the digestive organs because the thigh pressure and squeezing effect on the abdominal region increases the efficiency of the absorption, assimilation, and elimination of organs. This tests the digestive system. This pose massages the liver, spleen, and intestines to improve their functional capacity. This pose helps to relieve common digestive problems.
  4. The reproductive system is toned.
  5. The yoga posture of ArdhaMatsyendrasana helps to relax the mind. As a result, you will feel less stressed and will be able to sleep better.
  6. Aids in the treatment of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.
  7. Constipation can also be avoided by doing the seated twist pose.
  8. It improves blood circulation in the brain, which reduces mental fatigue while also improving memory and concentration.
  9. It aids in the reduction of respiratory issues such as asthma.
  10. The twisted position improves venous blood flow in the abdominal region by suspending the breath.

When performing the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, use the following cautions: –

Yoga requires patience and respect for the process. While performing the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your back is in a neutral position so you can get the most out of this yoga asana.
  2. When performing Ardhamatsyendrasana, it’s important to pay attention to your body. Adjust your spine’s flexibility by twisting it.
  3. 3. Your body is the expert on what is best for you. Make sure you’re paying attention.
  4. Your shoulders should be at the same level during the final stage.
  5. When performing this asana, your shoulders should be relaxed and not strained.
  6. Avoid this pose if you have back pain or are recovering from surgery.
  7. To get the most out of this yoga asana, ensure your back is completely relaxed.

Benefits of Matsyendrasana

Strengthening occurs in other forms of exercise as well, but it is complemented by flexibility when done with yoga. Yoga’s ArdhaMatsyendrasana helps to strengthen muscles and stimulate the digestive system. As a result, muscles are protected from arthritis. Yoga practitioners, especially those in their later years, are less likely to fall and sustain long-term injuries. Furthermore, ArdhaMatsyendrasana is beneficial to people of all ages and should be practiced every night before sleeping.

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