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Sattvic Diet

Benefits of Sattvic Diet In Ayurveda

Old yogis trusted food to be the maker of the life force that supports our bodies and keeps us healthy. Consequently, it is extremely important for us to go with the right food decisions for healthy living. Food is bifurcated into 3 kinds based on its impacts on our body – sattva, rajas, and tamas.

They accepted that tamasic food could bring out torpidity while rajasic food could make one fretful. Then again, sattvic food can cause you to feel excited and vigorous. The one is unadulterated and wholesome and advances strength, insight, and mental fortitude.

Diet and Gunas

What is a Guna?

The three Gunas are groupings of various energy characteristics in Prakriti (physical matter.) Any living being has Gunas, and it is one of three “affinities” of the mind, body, and soul or cognizance. The three Gunas are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas. These classes characterize and mirror our health, conduct, thinking and diet.

  • Sattvic implies immaculateness, health, amicability and prosperity.
  • Rajasic implies pressure, outrage, action and anxiety.
  • Tamasic implies bluntness, apathy and laziness.

Meaning of a sattvic diet

Sattvic Diet

As per the Bhagavad-gita, a sattvic diet is light in nature, effectively edible, somewhat cooling, and not upsetting to the mind. It is rich in prana (immaculateness), so it advances positive considerations, bliss, and fulfilment.

Conventional sattvic food

Sattvic food is purely vegetarian and developed naturally on useful rich soil. Apparently, food arrangements are gorgeous and reaped at the right season. Sattvic diet supports foods that are developed and matured essentially. It evades any kind of food that includes killing/hurting animals.

Food that has been cooked and is eaten three to four hours after the preparation is also regarded as sattvic. These involve organic products, nuts, vegetables, seeds, milk, etc.

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Health benefits

A basic sattvic diet system presents fabulous benefits for improved immunity and mental health, for example,

Advances Gut Health


Enveloping an assortment of wholesome plant-based foods cooked straightforwardly by bubbling/steaming, the sattvic diet ensures that tremendous sustenance is held in organic products, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and spices, as well as simple retention of supplements in the framework. This guarantees smooth digestion processes gives energy and manages metabolism, which supports disease resistance.

Detoxifies The Body

Besides, the sattvic diet comprises new and delicious meals that are additionally light on the belly, accordingly forestalling swelling, indigestion, exhaustion, aggravation and torpidity. As such, a comprehensive sattvic meal plan keeps the body fit, obstructs poisons from blood flow and imparts tranquillity to the mind.

Weight Loss


Anybody who is expecting to shed a few calories can find the sattvic diet worth following. This is on the grounds that the diet has sufficient fibre and plant foods that can advance weight loss. Research directed to affirm the connection between veggie lover diets and cardiovascular risk factors figured out that the people who follow the vegan diet could appreciate decreased body mass records and body fat contrasted with non-vegans

Do you know?

A sattvic individual is quiet, tranquil, peaceful, genial, ready for business, excitement, health, trust, desires, imagination and adjusted character. An additional benefit of the sattvic diet – assists with holding the weight under wraps and is an extremely powerful strategy for weight loss. A sattvic food will become tamasic when over-handled, saved for a more extended period or southern style.

Cultivates Mental Wellbeing

Sticking to a fundamental sattvic meal plan consistently offers superb impetuses for mental health, including raised intellectual ability, ideal sensory system working, further developed memory, focus and insight. It likewise eases melancholy, and nervousness, consequently inspiring a state of mind and advancing positive contemplations and satisfaction.

The bottom line

Sattvic Diet

The Bhagavad-gita depicts the sattvic diet as – advancing lifespan, ideals, strength, prosperity and fulfilment. Sattvic foods are exquisite, firm and satisfying to the stomach. Interestingly, the Bhagavad-gita depicts the rajasic diet as – unnecessarily impactful, sharp, pungent and astringent prompting torment, despondency and affliction. The foods in the method of tamasic are portrayed as: flat, dull, rank, left-over and foul.

Tips to recollect while travelling on your Sattvic Diet journey

The Shastras recommend that sattvic food should be bitten appropriately and eaten in little servings. Never overindulge sattvic foods as they become tamasic and lead to diseases in the body. You ought to likewise not overcook or over-spiced sattvic foods as they then convert to rajasic foods and lead to fretfulness.

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