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Benefits of Bhujangasana

Benefits of Bhujangasana or Cobra Stretch And How To Do It Properly

Bhujangasana is a yoga asana (back-bending pose) that resembles a cobra with a raised hood. Due to this stance, it is also known as “cobra pose yoga” and is a part of the Surya Namaskar yoga practice. ‘Bhujanga’ means snake or cobra in Sanskrit, while ‘asana’ signifies position. This exercise stretches the shoulders and opens the chest. It increases your body’s flexibility while also strengthening your core muscles. It’s a terrific technique to strengthen your abdominal muscles and increase your lung capacity. It helps you feel less tired and gives you more energy. In Vinyasa Yoga, it is frequently used as a transition to the downward-facing dog asana. Warm up your body by going for a quick walk before performing this asana. Stretch your muscles to avoid muscular strains caused by practicing.



Bhujangasana is a modern yoga technique that is based on hatha yoga. The name Bhujangasana is derived from two Sanskrit words: (Bhujanga) which means “Snake” or “Cobra” and (Asana) which means “Posture” or “Seat.” Serpent Position is another name for the pose.


Do you want to learn everything there is to know about Bhujangasana? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We will cover everything you need to know about the Bhujangasana in this article. This asana’s steps, the benefits it can provide, and the precautions you should take!


What is Bhujangasana, often known as the Cobra Pose?

Benefits of Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana, on the other hand, is a reclining posture in modern hatha yoga. Bhujangasana is named for the fact that the position resembles that of a snake. Surya Namaskar, a cycle of 12 different yogas or asanas, is the most common way to do it. Bhujangasana can also be used as a substitute for UrdhvaMukha Savasana, or Upward Dog.


Bhujangasana is the seventh of the 12 Surya namaskar yogas. Some organs, like as the wounded spine, are said to benefit from this asana. This Bhujangasana is also beneficial to your back and thigh muscles.


What is the significance of Bhujangasana?

When you do Bhujangasana, your entire body receives a good stretch and becomes more flexible. It also has a slew of other health advantages. 


Bhujangasana is a beneficial posture for the digestive system

The majority of us work a 9-5 job that requires us to sit in front of a computer screen for long periods. Because we don’t exercise, this lifestyle has the greatest impact on our back muscles. As a result, the back muscles weaken with time, resulting in backache, sliding discs, bending issues, etc. This post will inform you about Bhujangasana yoga, its benefits, and the warnings you should be aware of. Before you learn about Bhujangasana let me tell you about Cinnta, the best ayurvedic oil for relief from pain. Consider using it if you are already suffering from back pain. 


Bhujangasana Yoga Comes in a Variety of Forms: 

Benefits of Bhujangasana

According to your demands and ability, you can execute nearly four different variations of Bhujangasana.

1. Bhujangasana, often known as Cobra Pose, is a traditional yoga pose.

The most popular is the basic classic Bhujangasana or cobra posture! If you practice this position on a regular basis, it will assist your body with its numerous health benefits.

2. Half Cobra Pose (ArdhaBhujangasana)

ArdhaBhujangasana, on the other hand, is the asana for newcomers to yoga. For beginners, tilting the torso backward for an extended period of time might be quite difficult. As a result, simply maintain the position depicted in the image and feel the stretch.

3. Curve Hand Cobra Pose (Hasta Bhujangasana)

The second most popular posture is Hasta Bhujangasana, or curving hand cobra stance. You can do yoga here by bending your arms rather of straightening them. In this yoga, you can also turn your hands outward.

4. Raise Arm Cobra Pose (UrdhvaBhujangasana)

This Bhujangasana is for people who desire to tone and strengthen their backs at the same time. You can perform the fundamental Bhujangasana here by raising your back and straightening your arms.


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What is Bhujangasana and how do you do it?

According to Indian mythology, the king cobra glides ahead while lifting its upper body gracefully into an upright position. By curving your spine and keeping your lower pelvic region solid on the ground, the Bhujangasana stance helps to mimic this cobra pose.

Benefits of Bhujangasana

Let’s look at the Bhujangasana steps involved in doing this cobra posture practice in more detail.

1. Lie down on your stomach to begin the position. Place your brow on the floor, facing downwards.

2. Keep your legs straight behind you and your feet hip-distance apart. As you work your quadriceps, try to extend your toes straight back while pressing down on the mat with all ten toenails.

3. Place your hands beside your ribcage on the mat, spread your fingers, and lightly press it down on the ground.

4. Raise your head, shoulders, and chest slowly while keeping the back of your neck long. Lift your chin slowly while concentrating on elevating your sternum (the flat bone in the middle of your chest).

5. Now, slowly and deliberately straighten your arms, focusing on lifting your chest forward. Maintain a good connection between your lower abdomen and the mat by coiling your thoracic spine. The pelvis will remain on the floor as a result of this.

6. Make sure your arms are straight so your shoulders may move away from your ears.

7. Work on toning your abdominal muscles to keep your lower back from arching. To activate your posterior muscles, concentrate on pushing down with your feet.

8. Pull your shoulder blades together at the bottom. This will assist you in opening your chest from the back.

9. When executing this asana, make sure your elbows are slightly bent. This will ensure that your lower back is drawn into your torso.

10. Lift your chin and look up to the point where your neck is aligned with the curvature in your upper back.

11. Take a deep breath in and hold it for 5-7 minutes while looking forward. 

12. Exit the stance carefully, just as you entered it. As you return to your original position, exhale slowly.


Benefits of Bhujangasana:

The following are some of the advantages of Bhujangasana:

1. Bhujangasana yoga is beneficial for reducing stiffness and soreness in the lower back.

2. It tones your core muscles while also strengthening your arms and shoulders.

3. It improves your general mood and increases your energy level.

4. It aids in the improvement of posture and the development of confidence.

5. It tones the abdominal muscles and buttocks, as well as stimulates the abdominal organs.

6. helps to alleviate weariness and tension.

7. It improves your spine’s flexibility.

8. It assists in the stretching of the chest, abdominal, and shoulder muscles.

9. The asana helps with digestion and blood circulation.

10. The biceps, triceps, and deep core muscles are all strengthened in Bhujangasana.

11. It aids in the reduction of asthma-related issues.

12. It also strengthens the heart and opens the chest, increasing lung capacity.

13. It aids in properly distributing oxygen and blood throughout the body, particularly in the pelvic and spinal areas.

14. It helps to strengthen the back muscles and the spine.

15. It can aid in the relief of sciatic nerve discomfort.

16. It aids in the reduction of asthma-related issues.

17. It aids in the recovery of menstrual abnormalities in women.


Bhujangasana has several health benefits for the human body. Regularly practicing such yoga asanas might result in a holistic improvement in your physical and mental well-being. The advantages of the cobra position should be carefully explored to completely comprehend this incredibly helpful asana.

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