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Benefits of Kurmasana

9 Benefits of Kurmasana For Your Health

Kurmasana is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kurm,’ which means tortoise in English. Tortoise yoga is the name given to this posture. When a person performs this asana, he or she distances himself from mental issues in the same way that a tortoise hides in its armor when faced with a crisis. You can start getting mentally healthy by doing this posture every day.


To do a Kurmasana, you must sit with your legs spread wide apart, as would be expected given the circumstances. Only the hands and feet of a turtle are visible outside of the shell. This posture refers to the turtle in the final position. The Kurmasana is used for diabetes because the entire abdominal muscles empty the fat. Also known as the Turtle or Tortoise Pose, this asana finds mention in the ancient 7th-century yogic illustrations. In modern yoga, Kurmasana is described amongst the Iyengar Yoga poses, where it is said to be dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s tortoise incarnation.


Steps to Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose): How to Do Tortoise Pose Correctly

Steps to Kurmasana

1) Sit on the ground with your legs spread out in front of you.

2)- Spread the claws out as much as you can. Bend the knees slightly while keeping the ankles on the ground.

3)- Keep the hands below the knees and bend in front of the hips. The palms can be facing up or down.

4)- Bend forward and move the arms slowly from under the feet to the back.

5)- Depending on your capacity, you can bend your knees further.

6)- Continue to extend your arms backwards. Until your elbows are almost touching the backs of your knees.

7)- Keep the tension in your back muscles at bay. Slowly bring your ankles forward and straighten your legs as much as you can. The body will automatically bend forward due to the pressure on the hands and feet.

8)- Gently tilt the body forward. Tilt your head until your chin rests on the ground. Do not use any kind of force when applying the body.

9)- Spread your chest and collarbone forward and lower them using the weight of your thighs on your shoulders or upper arms.

10)- Extend and straighten your legs by extending and straightening your inner heels, while keeping your inner thighs in contact with your side ribs.

11)- Take a deep breath and continue to spread your arms and mid-section (chest) towards you.

12)- Relax your entire body, close your eyes, and take slow, deep breaths.

13)- As much as possible, maintain this state.

14)- Then return to your previous state.


Tortoise Pose Yoga Benefits: –

Many health benefits of tortoise pose yoga include managing diabetes, reducing asthma symptoms, increasing flexibility, and improving blood circulation, among others. Kurmasana, according to experts, provides mental as well as physical benefits.


1. Promotes flexibility

Benefits of Kurmasana

Deep stretches of the spine, upper back muscles, neck, head, abdomen, shoulders, arms, and lower back muscles are included in Kurmasana. Regularly practicing this yoga can help to increase spine flexibility while also toning the entire body. It can also assist you in performing other stretching exercises and attempting more difficult poses.


2. Helps in Asthmatics 

When we bend like a tortoise in tortoise pose yoga, our diaphragm opens up wide, allowing the lungs to take in more oxygen. Asthmatics may be able to breathe more easily and relieve symptoms by inhaling and exhaling oxygen deeply. Kurmasana also strengthens the lungs, allowing them to work more efficiently while breathing in and out.


3. Immune system booster

Kurmasana, or tortoise pose Yoga, can help support the thymus gland and improve immune functions, according to a study. The thymus gland, for example, is in charge of producing and maturing T-cells, which play an important role in protecting the body against various pathogens.


4. Diabetes management

Diabetes management

According to a study, hatha yoga-like Kurmasana uses total muscle mass to help increase electrical activity in the body, which leads to a better hormonal profile and blood flow. Because diabetes is a hormonal condition, yoga can help improve insulin hormone production and function, as well as diabetes management in the long run.


5. Helps with metabolism

Kurmasana helps to stretch and activate nearly all of the body’s muscles. The body’s endocrine organs are strengthened by improved inner flexibility and circulation in the muscles and joints, which improves metabolism. This aids in a variety of activities, including calorie burning, energy boosts, and chronic disease management.


6. Helps with digestion

Kurmasana and UttanaKurmasana (one of its types) have been shown in research to aid digestion. The pose helps with fast digestion, preventing bloating, constipation, and other gastrointestinal issues by activating the muscles of the internal organs, including the stomach and intestines.


7. It relaxes the mind.

Benefits of Kurmasana

As we pin the arms and legs down and curve back like a shell in tortoise pose yoga, our attention shifts inward towards the earth. This helps to detach our attention from the outside world and calm our minds by making us feel calm and centered. Though beginners may not feel calm at first, Kurmasana can help align your mind and body and provide calmness by relaxing the sensory channels such as the eyes, mouth, ears, and nose with practice. 


8. One of the most important Tortoise Pose benefits is that it calms your mind and reduces stress and anxiety by improving circulation, particularly to your brain. Kurmasana practice helps to prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


9. People with a limited range of motion or who live sedentary lives will benefit greatly from Turtle Pose in yoga. This asana strengthens the muscles that surround your lumbar spine, relieving lower back pain. This asana also helps with sciatica. To get relief from back pain you can also use Cinnta – pain relief oil by Teachers Grace. 

Benefits of Kurmasana

Every yoga pose, particularly stretching Yogas, requires proper execution. Apart from understanding the benefits of a particular yoga pose, one should also be aware of the risks involved in order to avoid injury and strain. Our bodies stretch to their maximum potential in tortoise pose yoga, making our backs and spine vulnerable. Remember to warm up with some preparatory poses like bow pose, seated forward bend, and downward-facing thunderbolt twist before attempting this pose.


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