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 5 Most Astonishing Homemade Almond Face Packs For Every Skin 

Do you believe almonds are genuinely incredible for your health? Almond, prominently known as ‘Badam‘, is an old yet core ingredient of beauty recipes- from the time ladies started dealing with their skin as no different choices were accessible for skin brightening, diminishing wrinkles, signs of ageing, or simply inner nourishing.

Skewed with vitamins, almonds are contrived in a mass assortment of face packs you can make and apply at home without spending a penny at luxurious salons. The high proportion of Vitamin E present in almonds assists with reestablishing your skin from the inside and does significantly more.

You must be aware of their health benefits already that’s why we are here to enlighten you with some unknown and incredibly magnificent advantages of almonds for the skin.

Before you go through a list of the top 5 almond face packs you can make at home for skin brightening, know what makes almonds the best skincare ingredient for you?

Fact1: Eating almonds or using almond face packs works phenomenally to achieve glowing and clearer skin. Almonds are packed with antioxidants that aid in enhancing the skin complexion.

  Top 5 Almond Face Packs You Can Do at Home 

i) Almond & Besan Face Pack for Radiant Glow


 Almond and besan face pack leads the list when it is about bringing out a clear, brightening effect instantly. Used for ages, this magical almond &besan face pack is considered the perfect home remedy you can do at home and see immediate results.


Step1: Blend almond powder, 2 teaspoon of besan, 1 tbsp. turmeric, and 1 spoon of rose water.

Step2: Mix it well and apply over face.

Step3: Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Step4: Wash off with cold water.

ii) Almond & Milk Face Pack for Sensitive Skin   

ALMOND & MILK Face Packs

If you have sensitive skin, then you must try almond & milk face pack. This remedy promises a glowing effect when these two ingredients are blended in the right proportions.


Step1: Blend 1 teaspoon of almond powder with 2 teaspoons of raw milk.

Step2: Create a thick paste and apply it throughout your face.

Step3: Remove the pack after 15 minutes with cold water.

Fact2: When devised in a powdered form and applied on the skin, almonds help nourish the skin from within while evenly opening each pore and ultimately giving a radiant effect. Almonds remove excess dirt and other impurities accumulated on the skin from pollution.

iii) Almond & Honey Face Pack for Pigmented Skin 


Sun exposure, stress, hormonal changes all can contribute to skin pigmentation. This is why we have put forth this amazing almond & honey face pack remedy for you. The blend of both these antioxidants works wonders to remove dead skin and treat skin pigmentation from within.


Step1: Soak 5-7 almonds overnight

Step2: Peel and grind soaked almonds

Step3: Add 1 teaspoon of lemon & honey to the ground almonds.

Step4: Add milk to the mixture and make it a bit runny so that it can blend within the skin.

Step5: Apply the mixture overnight wash the following day.

To get rid of pigmentation you can also use our 100% Natural De-Pigmentation, Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enriching Cream.

iv) Almonds & Oats for Dry Skin 


If you are struggling with dry skin that often gets worse during winters, then this face pack is ideal for you. Almonds and Oats face pack is a beautiful remedy when used correctly offers magical results. Powered with vitamin E, this face pack protects your skin from harmful UV radiations too. Repeating this face pack 2-3 times a week will provide a naturally glowing effect.


Step1: Grind ½ cup whole oatmeal.

Step2: Grind 2-3 almonds.

Step3: Blend almond powder, oats powder and some milk to create a fine paste.

Step4: Apply it over the face and neck.

Step5: Give a gentle massage for nearly 15 minutes.

Step6: Wash off the application with plain water.

Fact3: Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients that are vital in fighting off free radicals and preventing skin from the effect of premature ageing. Not just this, when almonds are blended with other ingredients such as honey, besan, raw milk, coconut oil, oats, yoghurt, rose water, banana, turmeric and more, they deliver incredible results in no time.

v)Almonds & Banana Face Pack for a Fairer Skin

Bananas are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and natural moisturizing properties. When mixed with almonds powder, it does some magic on your skin. All you need to do is, mix the ingredients right, and you will get visibly fairer skin in a week.


Step1: Cut one banana into small pieces

Step2: Grind almonds to create a powder.

Step3: Add 1 tbsp of milk to the mashed bananas and tbsp almond powder.

Step4: Create a fine paste and massage it over the face & neck.

Step5: Let your skin soak the face pack for 15-20 minutes.

Step6: Wash off with normal water.


We all have different skin and issues related to them. However, Ayurveda teaches us to be positive because there is a natural cure for every skin problem. The above-explained face packs are natural and ideal for most skin types. You can use these every day but be mindful of the proportions while creating your homemade face packs.

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