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stay fit through ayurveda in 2022

7 Most Natural Remedies To Stay Fit In 2022 – Stay Fit through Ayurveda 

Health & Ayurveda- The Connection 

Whenever the body, brain and soul are in a state of harmony, our wellbeing is additionally properly aligned. Tragically, Coronavirus has left the world with numerous medical problems that never existed. From the young to the old, everybody has been battling with uneasiness, stress, and despondency that emerged during the pandemic. Ayurveda, the old healing system, is the only way today that holistically guarantees wellbeing and health.

It is on the grounds that Ayurveda chips away at forestalling the primary driver of illness more than treating the infection. The alternative medicine system accepts that the whole universe comprises 5 components to be specific air, water, space, earth, and fire. Ayurveda hence works at balancing the components that are disturbed in the body through natural herbs and spices, which are an integral part of Ayurveda medicine.

According to Dr. Manisha Mishra, MD and Medical Adviser at Charak Pharma, “Ayurveda works on maintaining an equilibrium of doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha as an imbalance of these lead to immune disorders and multiple diseases eventually.”

Make Your Immune System Strong with Ayurveda 

strong immunity with ayurveda

At the point when our immune system is assaulted by infections, microbes and allergens, it prompts the start of respiratory issues like sore throat, sensitivities, nasal clog, runny nose, and lead to severe diseases like Coronavirus, Asthma, and Liver diseases. To stop the poisons from entering the body, Ayurveda proposes healthy practices which you can follow as daily rituals to accomplish a strong immune system.

What Does Ayurveda Recommend as Remedies for a Good Health? 

Let us take a look at the 7 Natural Remedies suggested by Ayurveda specialists to stay healthy in 2022:

1. Take A Wholesome diet 

wholesome diet

A healthy and balanced diet is called ‘aahaar‘ in Ayurveda. It involves proteins, whole grains, solid fats, fruits and green veggies. Eating a good diet benefits the entire body and maintains mental health as well. On the other hand, processed food, spicy food, lead to poor digestion and an imbalanced immune system.

2. Begin your day with Tulsi 

Tulsi or the Holy Basil is abundant in healing properties and must be utilized daily to treat respiratory ailments, purify the blood, cure cold and strengthen the immune system. You can eat a few Tulsi leaves on an empty stomach or have a cup of Tulsi tea in the morning to stay active, stress-free and energetic.

3. Increase Physical Activity  

Ayurveda exclusively suggests you indulge in physical exercises, whichever you can do conveniently. From the brisk walk, yoga, cardio to jogging or dancing, you can do anything that helps your flexibility and gradually boost your immunity.

4. Take a Daily Dose of Vitamin C 

vitamin c

Vitamin C is the most significant source through which you can strengthen your immune system. The perfect source of vitamin C you can consume is citrus fruits which help you fight against cough and cold. You can also consume raw Amla or Amla juice in a glass of warm water to fill your stomach with the dose of vitamin C.

5. Take your Favorite Herbal Tea Once a Day

Ayurveda herbs improve digestion, detoxify your blood and are amazing immune boosters. Some of the perfect herbal teas you can choose to drink are peppermint tea, cinnamon tea, ginger tea, turmeric tea and black pepper and lemon tea. An improved immune system helps fight allergies as well, so bring one herbal tea to your daily regimen.

6. Avoid Overstimulation of Senses 

Avoid Overstimulation of Senses

Take frequent breaks during your work schedule so that your eyes, mind and body can get rest. Go for nature walks, read, listen to music, and just give yourself a break from digital overload. It will help you become mentally relaxed and physically more productive.

7. Consume Ayurveda Herbs 

Yashtimadhu, Amruth, Brahmi, Amalaki, Holy Basil, Giloy, Amla, Ashwagandha, Guggulu, Brahmi Ghrita, Chyawanprash, KalyanakaGhrita, and ManasamitraVatakam are some of the tested Ayurveda herbs which have amazing healing properties and are beneficial for boosting immunity when consumed in the form of powder, used as teas, tonics or as supplements.

Wrica Immunity booster by Teacher’s Grace is one of the best multi-herbal supplements you can bring into your daily health regimen. It aids in treating all types of fever, treating flu & influenza, chronic bronchitis, fatty liver, recurring allergies, helps fight viral and Urinary Tract infections. The Ayurvedic supplement contains several herbs which boost your immunity, balance your mind and body.

Some Secret Ayurveda Remedies for Long-Lasting Wellness

Some Secret Ayurveda Remedies for Long-Lasting Wellness

  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Eat your meal in a peaceful area
  • Don’t stress while eating your meals
  • Eat your meals only in sitting posture
  • Maintain the right proportion of your meals
  • Consume only warm and fresh food
  • Bring 2 teaspoons of ghee to your daily diet

What to Avoid in Ayurveda? 

  • Avoid cold, stale, and processed food that is hard to digest.
  • Avoid incompatible food combinations such as fresh fruits and milk, non-vegetarian food and milk or hot water as they instigate allergic reactions.
  • Avoid eating curd at night.
  • Avoid sleeping after 10 pm.
  • Avoid media usage for more than 2 hours at once.

What we practice is what we become! 

Ayurvedic medicine believes in building a healthy body through a healthy diet, physical exercise, herbal ingredients, enough sleep, and several lifestyle practices. It is time that you start nurturing your body and soul from within.

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