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benefits of tulsi leaves

9 Reasons Why Holy Basil Is A Magical Herb

Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is popularly called ‘Tulsi’ and is very commonly utilized in Indian households to accentuate the flavor and fragrance of the morning tea.

You would be amazed to know that holy basil is also often known as ‘hot basil’ owing to its piquant taste. According to Ayurveda, the chemicals found in this herb are powerful in treating a myriad number of illnesses.

However, make sure you do not get confused with the holy basil, which is ‘Ocimum tenuiflorum’ with basil leaves scientifically called ‘Ocimum basilicum’ as the latter is only used for cooking purposes.

Let us help you take a gaze into the 9 most amazing, instant and long-lasting benefits of the ‘Holy Basil’:

1. Instantly Calms Down Stressful Nerves

benefits of tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves have a high amount of adaptogens which are valuable in diminishing the excess feelings of anxiety in the body. Consuming Tulsi leaves directly or as tea early in the morning calms down nerves making you feel relaxed throughout the day. Additionally, Tulsi leaves are helpful to loosen up different functions in the nervous system, which assists the body with further boosting blood circulation.

2. Brings Down Fever & Treats Common Cold

Kids to the elderly, everyone can use Tulsi every day to remain fit and healthy from the inside. A perfect immune booster is kept right inside your gallery. Since Tulsi is encumbered with anti-viral properties, it brings down high fever instantaneously after consumption in the form of Tulsi water or Tulsi tea. Likewise, it aids in keeping away viral contaminations that cause nasal issues such as common cold, runny nose, watery eyes etc.

3. Fights bad breath

benefits of tulsi leaves

Do you know Tulsi has anti-bacterial properties that can immediately fight bad breath? When you consume this herb early morning, you experience a sense of freshness. Tulsi is also stacked with anti-bacterial properties that kill those tiny bacteria which are the root cause of bad breath in your mouth.

4. Accentuates the Quality of Your Skin

Having a few Tulsi leaves void stomach toward the beginning of the day can also support your skin well-being. It eliminates toxins from your blood and brilliantly detoxifies your skin. Not just this, Tulsi leaves, when consumed in the form of powder, tea or direct aid in decreasing acne and imperfections that can give you radiant and youthful skin altogether. You can also use the 100% Natural Extra Hydrating & Moisturising Serum by Teachers Grace to keep your skin healthy and nourished.

5. Improves Liver Function

Eating fresh and clean, holy basil leaves gives you abundant advantages. It immediately fuels the production of an enzyme called ‘Cytochrome P450’, which aids in detoxification. Tulsi eradicates the entire metabolic waste from your body and prevents liver damage as well. Remember! If your liver is healthy, you are healthy.

6. Aids in Speedy Weight Loss

Since Tulsi is loaded with antioxidants, consuming Tulsi leaves directly or drinking a cup of Tulsi tea empty stomach can help support weight loss to a great extent. Tulsi balances blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and both influence your BMI. Once your BMI is reduced and reaches its required state, you have your desired weight.

7. Stops Hair Loss

benefits of tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves are not just good for your skin but also for your scalp health. These are packed with nutrients and hydration properties, which are needed to moisturize your scalp, cease greying of hair and stop hair fall. When blended with coconut oil, Tulsi leaves further boost the blood circulation to the scalp and help you see visibly strong, shiny hair. Massaging your hair with Tulsi leaves powder and coconut oil aids in eliminating dandruff issues as well. To prevent grey hair, you can mix Tulsi leaves with Amla and apply the mixture to your scalp in the night and wash the subsequent morning.

8. Boosts Eye Health

Sometimes your precious eyes become a victim of eye infections such as conjunctivitis. However, basil leaves protect your eyes from damage and stop these issues immediately by removing oxidative stress and free radicals, which are the major cause of troubled eye health.

9. Cures All Kinds of Headaches

benefit of tulsi leaves

Headaches are caused by a variety of factors and easily turn into chronic migraines. Tulsi, the herb, is packed with medicinal values which effectively treat headaches and migraines. All you need to do is boil a few Tulsi leaves and drink the water. It will do wonders.

How to Use Tulsi Leaves to Stay Healthy? 

Tulsi Leaves to Stay Healthy

You can easily utilize holy basil leaves in the below-mentioned ways:

ü You can drink herbal Tulsi tea by mixing it with honey and lemon.

ü You can drink Tulsi water by just boiling Tulsi leaves.

ü You can garnish over your meals.

ü You can fuse Tulsi leaves into vegetable soups.

ü You can add olive oil and lemon to fresh basil leaves to use as a sauce.

ü You can use Tulsi leaves as a topping on bread and pizzas.

A few spices and herbs are not difficult to track down and simple to consume. Particularly when you are mindful of their magnificent advantages, you should not miss using such simple to use herbs like Tulsi and treating different medical problems alone. Till then, at that point, we will continue thinking of astounding Ayurveda remedies to keep you fit and healthy. 

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