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6 Most Surprising Beauty Benefits of Drinking Warm Water 

benefits of drinking warm water

Warm Water- The Ayurvedic Significance 

Our lives are no longer perfect nowadays. Regardless of how diligently we attempt, there’s no escaping the stress, pollution, processed food, and our own disrupted way of life. With few chances to relax, loosen up, and allow the body an opportunity to heal and recuperate, the poisons are always developing inside us.

One of the primary Ayurvedic mainstays of health is the disposal of poisons or simply understood as ‘toxins’ from the body. These poisons can be formed inside, from the incomplete processing of food (because of indulging or low digestion) and from stress. These toxins can be eliminated through drinking warm water, which has the property of ‘sukshma.’ This means when you drink a glass of warm water, it profoundly infiltrates while decontaminating the body’s unpretentious channels. 

Ayurveda’s joint name for every kind of impurities is Ama, and forestalling the development of Ama in body tissues is critical for health. Ama is slimy, sultry, and challenging to get rid of. However, consistently sipping warm water in the morning dissolves Ama, heals the body, boosts digestive power, and condenses metabolic excess. There are varied ways to drink warm water, and several warm water recipes offer different health benefits. 

Teacher’s Grace brings forth the six best beauty benefits of drinking warm water: 

1. Prevents Acne and Pimples 

Pimples Treatment

Stress, unhealthy dietary patterns, and unbalancing hormonal levels in the body often lead to acne eruptions on the face. The primary thing in the first part of the day, one ought to, on a vacant stomach, have a glass of warm water. Furthermore, before you rest around evening time, sip a glass of warm water as well. This would aid flush out of toxins from the body, cleansing it internally and eventually ceasing the production of pimples and acne on the face. Add lemon and honey into warm water and consume it daily on empty stomach. The intake of vitamin C in this way will do a perfect skin detox and keep you pimple-free.

2. Keeps Your Skin Young 

When you daily sip a glass of warm water, the bacteria and other toxic impurities are also wiped away. When three to four glasses of warm water are consumed every day, it promotes skin elasticity. Such profound skin conditioning makes you look younger and you no longer need to rely upon synthetic cosmetics. Warm water consumption aids in repairing dead skin cells and fights off free radicals too.

3. Safeguards You from Skin Infections 

Skin Infections Treatment

Your skin often indicates you of a disease when it is dry, flaky, or unhealthy in any form. This is why your body needs to be hydrated at most times. Since, toxins need an escape through bowel movements, urination and sweating, daily drinking warm water speeds up the blood circulation and prevents skin infections from coming up. Warm water is a natural body detoxifier and combats free radicals, ultimately keeping your skin infections-free.

4. Helps You Lose Excess Weight

Weight Loss

Having 3 to 4 glasses of warm water enhances metabolism rate and body temperature. This boosts the body’s ability to shed more calories. Consuming warm water with raw ginger, lemon, and honey boosts metabolism and helps in fast weight loss. Water consumed with lemon also ceases food cravings which further works wonder in the weight loss journey.

5. Works as an Amazing Moisturizer

Warm water is a perfect moisturizer too. When you consume nearly three to four glasses of warm water with honey, it aids moisten your skin from within. You can bring this warm water skin recipe to your daily regimen and it will give you an unimaginable glow on your face. It is the best moistening ingredient for which you do not need to spend a single penny outside and stay moisturized naturally.

6. Makes Your Hair Soft & Dandruff-free 

Soft Hair, healthy hair,

Hair health is disrupted due to various factors one of which is lack of water intake. Just like warm water is a perfect ingredient for skin health, it is ideal for your hair health too. When you consume two to three glasses of warm water, your scalp health is restored and all kinds of hair issues are dealt naturally. From dryness, itchy scalp to dandruff you can say goodbye to all these problems with simply a few glasses of warm water. Make sure you have warm water everyday, which will promote your hair health gradually over a period of two months.

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Taking warm water not simply eases cough and cold, battles skin infections, promotes weight reduction yet in addition supports hair health, and make you fit from the inside. By increasing your metabolic rate and eliminating toxic pollution, warm water consumption goes quite far in managing a hundred sorts of health issues. Ayurveda science urges you to carry this superb home remedy for your everyday routine and experience overall wellbeing and enhanced fitness the most natural way.

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