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Hair Fall – Reasons, Control, And Natural Treatments

Hair is an integral part of Indian beauty; haircare and skincare go hand in hand for women’s complete beauty tool kit.

We romanticize long hair, its thickness, and its rich black color. Our film songs often quote beautiful hair’s role in romance; hundreds of song lyrics describe it –tumhari zulf ke saaye mein sham kar loongaand many more.

Hair Care starts soon after the child is born. Head massage is given special attention by the elders. The practice of Mundan also ensures that the child gets good hair growth throughout their lives.

Mothers give hair massages to kids, especially to daughters, and until they reach adolescence, the hair care is diligently done by the mother. Weekly massages and a proper hair wash to keep the scalp clean, well moisturized, and healthy is a common practice.

We have all grown admiring the long lustrous hair of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and colleagues. Beautiful pieces of jewelry are unique to India that are worn in the hair.

What are the Main Hair Fall Causes?

With the change in lifestyles and growing stress, almost 80 to 85% of Indians face hair-related problems. Now it is normal for us to lose a few strands of hair every day.

Most of us will lose 25-50 strands every day, and if you lose more than 60 -80 hair strands every day, it is a warning sign to start doing something about your hair care.

The reasons for hair fall are as follows:

i) Dirty hair increases hair fall. Humidity can also cause more hair fall than usual

ii) We have seen the rise in hair transplant clinics, specialized hair extensions, wigs, and other additions to make hair look thicker and better

iii)Young girls face hair and skin-related issues due to hormonal imbalances and increasing cases of PCOD and PCOS. Hair coloring has added to the worries with bleaching harming the richness and shine of hair

Although we only talk of women when it comes to hair fall, many men face hair thinning issues as early as their twenties. Often it leads to baldness as well. Smoking is considered a major factor, along with genetic traits and excessive release of the male hormone DHT

iv) Daily stresses and the modern lifestyle has added to the woes of the working woman. An absence of a work-life balance can harm your hair too. Going for those quick blow-dries on your way to work contributes to split ends

v) Other generic reasons can be lack of iron or vitamin D in your diet or a family history of hair loss, lack of proper hair care, using trending products without checking their details, scalp infections, etc.

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My Experience With Hair Fall

After the birth of my daughter, I started losing more than 300-350 strands every day. The floor used to be filled with my hair as I finished combing; I immediately began to work on my hair care regime.

I had three problems:

-Hormonal changes

-Persistent recurring dandruff

-Low hemoglobin.

How to Take Care of Hair?

Hormonal changes are best dealt with yoga and breathing exercises as the medication is totally avoidable.

Pelvic exercises like :

  • Dhanurasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Surya namaskar
  • Shashankasana
  • Shalabhasana
  • Kapalbhati and ujjayi pranayama

These can be tried as most inverted poses stimulate blood circulation in the head, increasing hair growth.

Next, the problem of dandruff should never be left untreated—the itching caused by dandruff damages our hair follicles. Persistent untreated dandruff can also lead to patches on the scalp as the infection worsens.

Dandruff can be easily treated by a good shampoo that has coal tar as a key active ingredient. Personally, I feel that it is best to treat the infection medically.

But the elimination of dandruff needs proper oiling of the scalp, keeping it clean with timely hair washing, and using good hair packs.

Try 100% Natural Onion Hair Shampoo that Helps Control Hair Fall for a healthy scalp and less breakage. It is a blend of completely natural herbs and oils, that suits every scalp skin type.

Natural Remedies For Hair Fall Treatment

While we are spoilt for choices, we need to use special hair oils when hair fall is substantial. Application of hair packs is also very efficacious for strengthening the roots and immediately reduces hair fall.

i) A mix of almond, olive, castor oil infused with special herbs like japabatti (hibiscus), amla, bhringraj, fenugreek can be very beneficial.

ii) Hair packs can be made using henna powder, hibiscus powder, amla powder, shikakai, honey, and raw egg can also be added.

iii) Aloe vera in reasonable amounts can also be applied.

iv) Consuming nutritious foods is also very important such as amla, almonds, walnuts, eggs, and iron-rich foods such as spinach.

A good hair care regime could be to generously apply hair oil, preferably overnight. Then, follow it up by applying a hair pack and leave it for an hour.

You will see great results post hair wash, brightness shine, and hair growth will resume in a short time.

Certain practices also need to be avoided, such as combing wet hair, washing hair with hot water, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

If you follow even a few of these practices with discipline, you will see a marked change in your scalp and hair health. Begin with dietary changes and add yogic exercises to your daily routine. The choice of a good hair pack and hair oil combination that can be applied once a week.

These small steps can save you from damage and hair loss and benefit your well-being. Try them out and discover the difference that simple lifestyle changes can bring about.

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