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6 Wonderful Scrubs You Can Make With Bananas

Do you know 75% of banana is water? 

That means banana is an amazing hydrating ingredient that gives an instant energy boost and keeps your body active throughout the day.

Banana is one of those fruits you always crave in breakfasts but never will connect with beauty. Well, do you know this tropical fruit is a powerhouse of antioxidants that are helpful in bringing a radiant glow on the face and skin as well?

Since bananas are stacked with potassium and phosphorus, when utilized in face packs and scrubs, bananas balance out ph levels of the skin and work effectively on treating a myriad number of skin problems.

Let us take you to those amazing face scrubs which you can make at home with the help of bananas and reap wonderful skin benefits immediately: 

1. Milk and Banana Scrub

Blend one banana, one teaspoon of entire fat milk and one teaspoon of gram flour. Knead this scrub on your face and hands and leave for 10 minutes prior to washing it off with faucet water. Apply coconut oil on your face and hands a short time later.

2. Banana And Oatmeal Scrub

Take ¼th of a banana, a spot of nutmeg powder and ½ a teaspoon of squashed oats. Blend them generally well and apply them to your face. Prior to applying it to your face, wet it with water for a smooth application. Leave for 10 minutes and wash off with faucet water.

3. Honey & Banana Soothing Scrub

BANANA and HONEY, face scrubs, scrub,

Take one entire banana and 2 tablespoons of honey and blend them well. Grind it in the blender and store it in the fridge. Simply apply the scrub on your face for 15 minutes and let the wizardry occur. Wash it off with faucet water and you’ll get moisturized, healthy-looking skin.
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Facts about bananas!!

Bananas are loaded with a few vitamins and supplements like Vitamin E, Vitamins B1 and B2, L-ascorbic acid and carotene. These fundamental vitamins through and through, make it a miracle element for treating many skin issues, giving you healthy, brilliant and energetic skin.

4. Banana Chocolate Facial Scrub

This may be the most delectable scrub you would have at any point gone over and you’ll find it truly challenging to stand up to. Take ½ a banana, one teaspoon of plain yogurt, 2 3D squares of ground chocolate and one teaspoon of salt. Stir everything up and microwave it for 10 seconds. When it is at room temperature, apply it on your face and allow it to sit for 10 minutes and scrub for 2 minutes. Flush it off with faucet water.

5. Banana Body Scrub

BODY SCRUB, Banana Scrub, Face Scrub

Blend a large portion of a banana in with 2 teaspoons of sugar. Knead it on your entire body around 15 minutes before showering. Wash it off while washing and don’t matter cleanser after that. This will leave you with radiant, shining, and child-like skin.

6. Banana Moisturizing Scrub 

Take one whole banana and 2 tablespoons of honey and mix them well. Grind it in the mixer and store it in the refrigerator. Just apply the scrub on your face for 15 minutes and let the magic happen. Wash it off with tap water and you’ll get a moisturized, healthy-looking skin.

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Let us take you to the Advantages of Bananas: 

1. Wonderful Skin Cream

Wealthy in potassium, banana scrubs hydrate and saturate dry skin effectively. If your skin is dry, dead or dull, applying bananas on the face provides instant nourishment to the skin.

2. Oil Control

Bananas, otherwise called nature’s botox, contain vitamins C and E and are amazing to clear oily skin. Use banana face scrub along with lemon and honey and it will control oiling on your face as well as provide you with an all-clear shining skin.

3. Treats Acne

benefits of pigmengtation cream

Banana and its strips are phenomenal home remedies to treat pimples and acne. You can directly place banana strips onto your acne to lessen irritation and get rid of pimples too.

4. Eases up Dull Spots

Whether it’s acne scars, little moles, age spots, or simply dim spots that make your face dull, you can diminish them and, surprisingly, out broad skin stains by applying mashed banana onto your face no less than two times every week.

5. Soothes Harsh, Broke Heels

Say goodbye to foot creams as bananas are a perfect nourishing ingredient for your cracked heels too. You can pamper your feet by mashing 2 to 3 bananas and massaging on your heels. Post that, you can keep your feet in warm lemon water and give total foot care time to yourself.

6. Decreases Puffy Eyes


Bananas work miraculously to treat puffy eyes. The internal layer of the banana strip cools down dry eyes, reduces puffiness and even treat dark eyes. You can simply place the strip of bananas on your eyelids and just relax. After 15 minutes, wash your eyes with cool water.

Try using banana scrubs at home and experience the glow on your skin like never before.

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